13 USED Breyer Horses - FREE to Good Home

I have thirteen Breyer horses that were purchased in approximately 1980 - 1982. I played with them as a child so they have varying degrees of wear and rubs. Only one is actually broken...a unicorn whose horn has partially broken off. They are dusty and have been packed away for years.

I will give them to someone who would love them for FREE - you just have to pay whatever it would cost to ship them. (I live in the Orlando, FL area.) I was going to donate them to a local thrift store, but would rather see them go to someone who would actually appreciate them. 

Please email me if you are interested. I will have photos available tomorrow.


- Sara

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Hi Sara, I would love the horses as I am an avid collector and have a 2 year old daughter who loves them. I also live in the Orlando area! I have been trying to register and I have been having trouble. Would you be able to email me back?


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Keith VanGorder

Hi Sara My 12 yrs old daughter has been collecting breyer horses since she was 4. Her and her Mom would sit and play with them together for hours.Mom passed back in July of 09 suddenly with out warning.Since then money has been very tight and more horses for her has not been in the budget.She still at 12 gets on the floor and plays with them all the time, she has a best friend that comes over all the time and they are now videoing them jumping and putting them on u-tube.They have gone high tech HAHA . I you have not given them to a good home yet she would be so happy to have your collection. If you are interested I could ask her how you could find her and her friend playing with them on u-tube and then you could see your horses in action,It's pretty cool.Thank you so much and could you please let me know.Keith


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my mom said she would be intresseded in them. She wants to know witch ones thay are and how much it might cost to ship them.im hopping to hear from u.i really love breyer yet i only have 11 contact me at cactus2gatorz@gmail.com


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i  will  like  to  have  thebreyer  horses  and  my  daughter  loves  them  -kennedi  staley  and  everyone  go  to  youtube.com  and  type  hunterjumper526  and  she  has  alot  of  breyer  horse  things  for  sale   or  trade  and  she  has  alot  of  breyer  horses  for  sale  right  now  so  don't  sit  and  stand  there    just  go   on  youtube.com   now  now  now  now!!!!!!!!!!!!  go NOW  TO  YOUTUBE.COM


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i will take the breyers, i am in orlando florida until friday but if you could ship them to canada it would mean the world to me :)


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Sigh, I found this late after the party, I guess. I am in Orlando, trying to recreate my childhood herd. Anyone know a good source for Breyer in Orlando? Need Traditional, and my hardest one to find so far is 1149, Cloud. (without the darker orange on his front legs).


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Hi I'm 14 and new to collecting breyers ... I know there probebly gone but if they arnt can I please have them I'm just trying to get my collection going.


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I am 10 years old and wouldnt mind getting the worst horse. You probably wont reply but my email adress is annbowcut@hotmail.com, and live in logan Utah. are you giving them all to one person?:( I sure hope not.


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i just started i only have two breyers and would love to have 13 more and i really dont care theyer used my two are used to


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horse girl

i am olney 13 and just have one you aer able to get more i am not if i could just get them i would be so happpy because my parents don`t make enough to get me any more for a while so if you would let me have them insted of u it would make my day


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i wuld like the horses. i do not care if they have rubs. these would be my first breyer horses... have you already sold them. if no please give them to me. my email is ... kelaiah123@hotmail.com . there is no capitols. please reply.


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horse girl

hey i am a breyer lover but i am a begginer with breyers i olney have 1 so i could really use the breyers that you have i just love horses plese if you would let me have them i would be so happy and not sad because i don`t have enough money to get some maby at tax time i could probly get 1 or 2 but that would be it so as i was saying i would be so happy i am olney 13 my mom or step dad don`t make mutch :(:(:( i hope you choose me


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with my moms permission I would GIVE you one of my classic to sell or keep.:)


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 forgot to mention I live in Logan Utah area.:)


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i work for the ronald mcdonald house and the kids would really like them or my daughter who has been wanting them but they are too expensive


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I would love these breyer horses. I am a collector myself and have an infinite amount of breyer's in the condition you described. I, too, am in the florida area and would happily pay for shipping. Keep in touch please. by the way, what IS your e-mail?


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my nickname is camalam and i have started selling breyer horses i have 3 so far and i have been trying my best to get more i make barns for my Breyer horses and i take them with me to the table some times and i have been trying to make custom tack for them so thats what i wanted to say like everyone else did.


please email me Camalam


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oops when i said selling i meant collecting sorry big mistake


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i woud love one. have only five and would love love a new breyer to add to my playful collection


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_ brytnee

Hi sara i wish i had some breyer horses like your's


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_ brytnee

Hi sara i wish i had some breyer horses like your's


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Hi, I am very interested in your Breyer horses. I just love welcoming newcomers to the herd!! I dont care if they are even missing all 4 legs, If you could please let me know if you have any left and how much shipping will be to texas that would be more than wonderful!!! 8 )


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hi, I love breyer horses. I always enjoy welcoming new comers to my herd!! I dont care if they are missing all 4 legs or just have a scratch, they are all welcome!! If you could please tell me if you have any left and what it would cost to ship them to Texas That would be MORE than GREAT!!!! 8 )


Hi, I am new to the model horse industry and I don't have many. My only full-sized breyer has 2 broken legs(now replaced with k-nex) and I would love to accept yours into my home.


Hi, I am new to the model horse industry and I don't have many. My only full-sized breyer has 2 broken legs(now replaced with k-nex) and I would love to accept yours into my home.


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Hi, I just started collecting breyesr and I would like to know if you still have them. Thanks


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My birthday is coming up and I am visiting here in Florida I want to start collesting them and I don't have any yet so just let me know.


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i am interested. pleease send pics. if you want i can buy the breyers from you(maybe) thanks!!!


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I never got to have a toy horse so I would be very pleased with them. May I please have them? I've had 2 toys in my whole entire life but I've always wanted a toy horse herd.


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Bethany Krauch,...

Hi Sara,

i would absolutely love to have those Breyer horses i have been collecting breyers for the last 9 years i have 21 breyers most of which i get from a flea market in Pickens i love horses and in fact i have two ponies a mare and stallion (Cobalt and Angel).I have a barn and stall for all of my Breyers and my poppy helped me to make my larger barn (it has 13 stalls) and i have two other barns and a couple empty and hand made popsicle stick stalls  that i made my self and i have made : saddle racks, shelves, a pasture, a bridle and halter rack, i also made blankets for my 4 mares, and a hay rack but anyway please please please consider letting me have the bryers i would absolutely love to have them if so then e-mail me at bethanykrauch@yahoo.com  and if you wonder in how a 13 year old girl could afford shipping i save up my money for the breyer horses i don't get at the flea market and i promise that if you decide on me they will get a place on my shelf names (and show names) and they will get played with

,Thanks your fellow horse lover



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ashley b

DO U STILL HAVE THEM if u do i will take them i have fallen in love with my breyer horse and i only have 10 please comment back if u have them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!promise i will take good care of them!!!!!


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i would love to have please please please i only have 5 breyers and i have fallen in love with the model!!!!!!!


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I am a kid that  that just started collecting breyer horses. They don't just sit on my shelves, I actually enjoy playing with them. All of my Breyer horses came from my grandmother who worked with real horses. I don't care if they're old, because the last Breyer horses I got came from my grandmother's basement a few days before she passed away due to a brain anurism. I would be happy to give them a loving home in honor of my grandmother's love towards all horses. Living and non-living.

God bless,



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If you still have them. :)




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hey i would love the breyer horses im new to collecting them i only have one and his name is prince jester i just started this year  please reply at chiligal1@gmail.com



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hello sara,

if you haven't found a home to the horses i would love to take them i have some myself. my e-mail is magic.woman2298@yahoo.com

thanks and have a nice day!!!!


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I would love to take the horses. My friend just moved and she took my Breyer horses with her. Thanks!


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Hi there, i love breyer horses! I have almost all LSQ breyer horses. PERFECTLY in great condition. I have 2-3 that have a scratch at the most. Iv'e been collecting for a while, love to customize. thanks:)


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Louise Hunt


Can you let me know if you're offer still stands for the Breyer's needing a new home? My ex had me move out of our family home and of course things were "lost" my christmas trees, bikes and all of my daughters vast collection of Breyer horses, I did save the barn. I would like to replace them for her.

Please let me know. My phone number is 619-905-1476.

Thank you,



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wise horse

i want thm so bad please


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I would love your breyer horses because i love to play with them and i love to show them on shelves! If you pick me i will send you pictures of them ocasionaly!


Brianna <3