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   I am "new" to the breyer world and looking into a unique piece that my girl friend would love for Christmas.  I have done limited research on the background of the company and found that prior to the 80's when they began the production lines that are known and loved they produced other moldings.  From what I gather a horse was actually one of their first pieces and in the 1950's was mounted next to a clock.  I have seen several of these supposed pieces listed all over the web.  I am asking for any information that I might be able to use to validate the authenticity of a piece, it would be worthless to me and maybe her if I ended up just getting a molded horse next to a clock when the idea is to get a breyer original.  I really think the idea is a good one for the holidays and would mean alot so any information provided will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks to all who post and to those that don't but gave it an extra thought.



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I do belive that the horse (or one of the horses) molds that belongs with the clock is the traditional saddlebred... Also known as harmonie. If you go to www.identifyyourbreyer.com and browse around you will most likely be able to find pictures of the different clocks. Have fun!!


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Breyer actually made a number of clocks/lamps.   From the information you listed, it sounds like the Western Horse Clock, (Mold #57, sculpted by C. Hess) mounted on a base (made to look either wood-grained or marbled) with the horse facing the clock on his left. The clock itself was in an upturned horseshoe with a cattle roping scene beneath it.     These were made starting in the early 1950's. 

This mold  typically does not have a model mark on it. If you are to find a model mark, however, it would be located on the inner-hind leg, typically by the groin area.  


Expect a true Breyer Western Horse Clock to cost between $75-$110 USD.