For Sale - Mint in boxes

All are mint still in original box from non-smoking home

#445 John Henry- never out of box $30

#883 Dream Weaver - limited Edition $30

#987 Ponokah-Eematah- with snake and feather and tag- $45

#495 Gem Twist -retired - $45

#231 Overo paint - Retired (cardboard box has storage damage - horse is still in bag with catalog/pamphlet) - $30

contact me with zip code for shipping cost or photos


I recently put up an ad on Kijiji asking for cheap or free toy horses to practice painting on before I tackle my Breyers. I paid $10 for a box of 11 horses and what a surprise I found, there was an adult Breyer and a Breyer foal. The adult Breyer is most likely a mare, as her genital area is flat. Looking at the stamp on the inside of her left back leg it says "Breyer Molding Co." I knew that foal she came with and my other Breyers say "Breyer Reeves" so I am a little confused.

Breyer Sale!

I have many model horses for sale including Breyer Classics and Traditionals. I have some vintage and some that are newer. I also have one ceramic. The names of the models follow:
White mare with brown mane and tail (vintage)- sorry, I have no idea what model this is. I do know that it is on the Jingles Of Pegasus mold.
Brown jumping horse- no stand (vintage)
Black western horse with chain reins- no saddle (vintage)