For Sale - Mint in boxes

All are mint still in original box from non-smoking home

#445 John Henry- never out of box $30

#883 Dream Weaver - limited Edition $30

#987 Ponokah-Eematah- with snake and feather and tag- $45

#495 Gem Twist -retired - $45

#231 Overo paint - Retired (cardboard box has storage damage - horse is still in bag with catalog/pamphlet) - $30

contact me with zip code for shipping cost or photos


identify this

I recently put up an ad on Kijiji asking for cheap or free toy horses to practice painting on before I tackle my Breyers. I paid $10 for a box of 11 horses and what a surprise I found, there was an adult Breyer and a Breyer foal. The adult Breyer is most likely a mare, as her genital area is flat. Looking at the stamp on the inside of her left back leg it says "Breyer Molding Co." I knew that foal she came with and my other Breyers say "Breyer Reeves" so I am a little confused. She is in great condition and a very beautiful mold, can someone please shed some light on this, as I am new to the Breyer collecting hobby...

Thanks, ScytheFilly! :)

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Breyer Horses for Sale on Amazon

Most are new in box


I have several Breyer horses and play sets for sale on (My store-front on Amazon is 1209 Media)

These are the models I have as of 2/1/13...

Breyer Etheral Series Earth found here

and the rest...

Fleetstreet Max
Black Appalossa
Cigar Famous Race Horse
Elvis's Rising Sun
Elvis's Bear
Austrian Riding School Playset

You can find them all listed on Amazon here...

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Breyer collectors in Mississippi?

I was just wondering if there were any collectors in Ms other than me... It seems as if I'm the only one in the entire state of Mississippi that's ever uttered a word about Breyers!

Breyer Sale!

I have many model horses for sale including Breyer Classics and Traditionals. I have some vintage and some that are newer. I also have one ceramic. The names of the models follow:
White mare with brown mane and tail (vintage)- sorry, I have no idea what model this is. I do know that it is on the Jingles Of Pegasus mold.
Brown jumping horse- no stand (vintage)
Black western horse with chain reins- no saddle (vintage)
Overo pinto horse (vintage)- again, I have no idea what model this is... I'm pretty sure it's on the Banjo mold. It has a short tail.
Dark Brown Pacer (vintage)- I believe this may be the first pacer Breyer made. I think it may be a marguerite henry horse. (sorry if i spelled her name wrong) This model could use some help- he has lots of rubs and cannot stand on it's own. I would recommend it should be customized.
Custom on Roxy mold- absolutely gorgeous! Amazing dapples and shading.
Palomino foal (vintage)
Brown trotting foal (vintage)
For prices, better description,pictures,and even more models for sale, please visit my website:
Thanks! I really need these models sold fast!

Looking for the Black Beauty Set

Breyer's Black Beauty set

I'm trying to help a friend find the Complete Set of 4 of the 1983ish Breyer's Black Beauty Set. She wants to buy it for her daughter for a Christmas present. Pleas if you have it and would like to sell it, let me know. Thank you so much. Even if you just have 3 of the set, Please just let me know what you have, and the price.

Advice and Guidance

My mom passed away approximately 6 years ago. She has a collection of Breyer horses from what I am assuming mostly consists of horses from the 80s. I know nothing about Breyer horses and am looking to sell them. Almost all of them include boxes. I am looking for anyone interested in them or pointing me in the right direction as far as what they are worth and coming in contact with people that would be interested in them. Thank you!

Ivy League

What is my connoisseur Ivy League worth?

I am thinking about parting with my Ivy League Model and I have seen them go from $500 to $800. The model has been wrapped in original plastic and stored in velvet bag. He has never been displayed much less ever taken out of the bag. Unfortunately the original box has been lost. Non-smoker home. Any information would be much appreciated. Thank you!

Breyer Collection - No boxes - help needed identifying horses

Names requested

Hi, My Mom recently passed her home my childhood collection from 1980-1999 of @ 100 horses was sent to me. Unfortunately, I have two boys who are more interested in baseball than horses, so I need to sell these models. My Mom's care taker placed the hoses in two boxes and packed them well - however - she did not include the boxes. As a result, I do not recall all of the model's names etc. Would someone be willing to help me identify the models? If so, please email me so I can send you pic's and you will have first dib's on all models.

Thank you, Julie