Breyer Clydesdale Stallion...Look What You Started

Breyer Clydesdale Stallion...Look What You Started

"Every trip to the hobby shop, I would stand and drool over the Mare (#83) and her foal (#84.)"

Way back in the 1970s, there was this little model horse. He was a beautiful Clydesdale - my very first Breyer horse, ever. For those of you interested, he was the Clydesdale Stallion #80, all dressed out in red and white bobs. I got him for Christmas, after drooling over my sister's Breyer collection and complaining to my parents that I didn't have any.

I treasured Clyde, but he wasn't enough. For months I saved up my allowance to add some stable mates for him. Every trip to the hobby shop, I would stand and drool over the Mare (#83) and her foal (#84.) I just needed a few more weeks of my whopping $.50 a week allowance to get the foal and then, his mama. After all, back then the smaller horses were much closer to a grade schooler's meager budget. In the meantime, I would clutch my little Clyde, feeling the curves of his flanks, as I daydreamed of one day having a real horse.

Flash forward a few years. Now I own a farm big enough for more than a few dozen real-life Clydes. Unfortunately, I'm not much bigger than my 1970s self, so riding a huge draft horse would be a comical sight. However, I do have my sights on a gorgeous pair of Halflinger draft ponies. Oh, and this beautiful registered Paint. And then there's that Tennessee Walker and buggy I've always dreamed of since my long-gone bell bottom days.

Funny how, as an adult, I still find myself fascinated with the feel of a horse's flanks, the smell of their manes and the clop of unshod hooves. Unfortunately, the real Clydes are far more expensive than the Breyer Clyde I loved as a child. See what you started, Clyde? I hope, wherever you are today, you have managed to fill another little girl's head with dreams of real horses, real farms and real adventures. Don't tell her what it will eventually cost to have you in real life, though.