Packing Tips for Shipping Breyer Horses

Packing Tips for Shipping Breyer Horses

Picking, Packing, and Wrapping!

Last week, we talked about shipping times for those of us selling Breyer horses for the holiday season. This week, let's take a look at how to pack those precious horse models for shipping. After all, the last thing you want is for someone to open their much-anticipated shipment, only to find a chipped ear or broken leg. While we all know that Breyers can certainly take a beating, they are by no means indestructible.

Tips for Picking a Box

Don't just grab any old box out of the closet. Likewise, don't just assume that any cardboard box you buy is sturdy enough. You'll want to find a box that is solid, with rigid corners. Make sure the box has plenty of room for packing material to pad your horse's journey. Once packed, the model should have no room to shift or move, with plenty of padding between the model and box edges. If the corners of the box are not reinforced, be sure to add extra packing in the corners, as these are the biggest culprits for causing breakage.

Tips for Packing Materials

You'll want to surround your model with plenty of padding. Packing peanuts are wonderful, but may not agree with those of us with an environmental conscience. The same is true with bubble wrap. If peanuts or plastic bubble wrap make you cringe, recycle plastic grocery bags, empty water bottles, old wrapping paper or newspaper. Just make sure the model is wrapped separately to keep off any newsprint or dyes from your packing material.

Tips for Wrapping Your Model

Tissue paper or toilet paper are the two best materials for wrapping your model. Plain white paper, paper towels, or any other type of packing paper is fine, so long as it has no print or dyes to rub off onto the plastic. Wrap the model like a mummy, wrapping legs, tails and heads separately, with extra layers. For added protection, consider wrapping the mummified model in a layer of bubble wrap before putting it in the box with additional packing materials.

Before closing up your box and sending your model off to its new home, you should have a mummified model, buried in tons of packing material, placed inside a sturdy box with no room for shifting. Clearly label both to and from addresses. Most importantly, don't forget to insure your package!