Selling Breyers for the Holidays? USPS Shipping Times

Selling Breyers for the Holidays? USPS Shipping Times

Are you planning to sell some of your Breyers this holiday season? With the holidays fast approaching , you need to keep in mind time for shipping. 

Your customer may be making that collectable purchase for someone's Christmas present. Depending on the exact date of sale, you may need to consider offering special shipping options for faster delivery. Decide your policies for these kinds of arrangements before you offer your Breyers for sale. For regular shipping, there are some cut-off dates to keep in mind.


According to the United States Post Office, if you want delivery in time for Christmas, you need to ship by the following dates, depending on your choice of shipping methods.


  • For parcel post, mail by December 15th

  • First class mail, December 20th

  • Priority mail, December 21st

  • Express mail, December 22nd


If you plan to ship via United Parcel Service (UPS) you'll need to use their shipping calculator to figure out shipping times, since times vary based on sending and receiving address. However, UPS does offer some basic information regarding their year-end/holiday shipping dates


Other shipping services, such as Federal Express and DHL, have fairly standard delivery dates and times. However, most small retailers and private parties don't use these services unless the customer is willing to pay the added cost for express service. When in doubt, check with your service provider to ensure shipments will arrive on time. Be sure to communicate shipping information and expected arrival times with your customer, to prevent any misunderstandings later.