I recently put up an ad on Kijiji asking for cheap or free toy horses to practice painting on before I tackle my Breyers. I paid $10 for a box of 11 horses and what a surprise I found, there was an adult Breyer and a Breyer foal. The adult Breyer is most likely a mare, as her genital area is flat. Looking at the stamp on the inside of her left back leg it says "Breyer Molding Co." I knew that foal she came with and my other Breyers say "Breyer Reeves" so I am a little confused.

BreyerFest 2012 - Mariah's Boon


Is anyone else planning on attending BreyerFest in June 2012? Have you all seen the Celebration Horse for this year? Since the theme of this year's BreyerFest is British invasion, they picked the breed best known for carrying the Queen's drums. It's one of my favorite breeds – the Drum Horse. Specifically, it's modeled after Mariah's Boon, an American Drum Horse from Moonlit Acre in Florida.


The Drum Horse is actually a mix between three breeds: Clydesdale, Shire and Gypsy. They're beautiful examples of a work horse with grace and beauty. If you look at the pictures of Mariah's Boon, you'll see the qualities of the ideal Drum Horse, with lots of feathering, bright eyes and good bone structure. He was the perfect inspiration for this year's BreyerFest Celebration Horse, at least in my opinion.

Breyer Clydesdale Stallion...Look What You Started

"Every trip to the hobby shop, I would stand and drool over the Mare (#83) and her foal (#84.)"

Way back in the 1970s, there was this little model horse. He was a beautiful Clydesdale - my very first Breyer horse, ever. For those of you interested, he was the Clydesdale Stallion #80, all dressed out in red and white bobs. I got him for Christmas, after drooling over my sister's Breyer collection and complaining to my parents that I didn't have any.

I treasured Clyde, but he wasn't enough. For months I saved up my allowance to add some stable mates for him. Every trip to the hobby shop, I would stand and drool over the Mare (#83) and her foal (#84.) I just needed a few more weeks of my whopping $.50 a week allowance to get the foal and then, his mama. After all, back then the smaller horses were much closer to a grade schooler's meager budget. In the meantime, I would clutch my little Clyde, feeling the curves of his flanks, as I daydreamed of one day having a real horse.

Flash forward a few years. Now I own a farm big enough for more than a few dozen real-life Clydes. Unfortunately, I'm not much bigger than my 1970s self, so riding a huge draft horse would be a comical sight. However, I do have my sights on a gorgeous pair of Halflinger draft ponies. Oh, and this beautiful registered Paint. And then there's that Tennessee Walker and buggy I've always dreamed of since my long-gone bell bottom days.

Sham's Wheat Ear

One of the difficult things about collecting Breyers, for the casual collector, is dating a model. There are very few cases where you can draw a line in the sand and say, "Before this point X, and after this point Y." Minor changes are constantly being made and reversed, models are re-issued, and the same color scheme can be used decades apart.

But the case of Sham's wheat ear is one instance where its absence or presence can give you a solid cut-off point to the date range of the model you're examining.

The real Sham was… well, in a way, there are two "real" Shams. The first is the actual literal horse who lived from 1724 to 1754, and who is considered one of the three stallions who served as the foundation horses of the modern Thoroughbred.

Andalusians At BreyerFest

Two of the three confirmed horse guests at BreyerFest this year will be Pura Raza Espanola (PRE) horses, a breed better known to most people as the Andalusian.

The first Andalusian is Pecos, a gray stallion who is a direct descendent of the famous Legionario. Pecos is a show horse who performs the Spanish Garrocha (a Spanish ballet between horse and rider around a pole), and a dressage champion.

Pecos is also the 2011 Celebration Horse, with a beautiful portrait model using last year's break-out mold, Esprit. Pecos' mold features dappling, gray shading, and charcoal points, as well as painted chestnuts and what seems to be a pearlescent sheen.

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Breyer "Be Mine" Web Special

I have to say, I was very skeptical when I saw the subject line in my Gmail account. A Valentine's Day-themed Breyer? Euw, that just takes me to so many places, all of them sickly sweet. I'm already on edge this year waiting for new models, with that "Fairy Tales" theme threatening to devolve into "Pretty Pink Princess" at any minute.

Luckily my fears were largely unfounded. THIS TIME.

"Cupid's arrow strikes home with Be Mine (#712043)! This Arabian stallion is decorated in matte red roan with two hind white socks, a flurry of hearts scattered across his flanks and heart-shaped star. Limited to 150 pieces."

"Be Mine" is a red roan version of Huckleberry Bey*, with heart-shaped spots on his flank and a heart-shaped star on his forehead. Touche, Breyer. The red roan is almost a tongue-in-cheek choice for a "pink horse." One wonders if there was a staff meeting where half the attendees wanted a normal colored horse (like Stone's Valentine's Day Arabian stallion with heart-shaped spots, "Spots I Love"), and half wanted a cupcake pink horse, and they all decided to meet in the middle and go with a red roan.


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