I recently put up an ad on Kijiji asking for cheap or free toy horses to practice painting on before I tackle my Breyers. I paid $10 for a box of 11 horses and what a surprise I found, there was an adult Breyer and a Breyer foal. The adult Breyer is most likely a mare, as her genital area is flat. Looking at the stamp on the inside of her left back leg it says "Breyer Molding Co." I knew that foal she came with and my other Breyers say "Breyer Reeves" so I am a little confused.

Help finding value/information, Brass Western Horse Clock

I used to collect Breyers but fell out of the loop a while. Down in my grandmother's basement I found a clock with a horse statue on it that seemed oddly familiar, and sure enough it is the Western Horse mold cast in brass. A friend is rather interested in him, but I have no idea on value or the history behind this item. The only ones I can find online are on Ebay, with prices going from $10 to $200 and not really any in between. This one is in need of some work, the clock needs repair and the brass needs polishing but it is not broken or scratched or badly rusted out anywhere.

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