breyer help


I'm new and was wondering if anyone has breyers that are paints and cheap they don't have to be 'show quality'

 I would preffer black and white, I would like it to stand for the stall but if it doesn't

thats ok. I would rather you personaly e-mail me at ride13@verizon.net

and tack would be nice I don't care for a person some are creepy.



Help needed identifying older breyer horse models


When I was a teenager (90's) a neighbor gave me these breyes that she had had as a child. She was in her 40's at the time so I can only guess at how old these guys are! I had the books for the 70's and didn't see them in there, so I am assuming the 60's or before!

If anyone happens to recognize them I would appriciate it since I am considering selling them and would hate to advertise without knowing their proper year and names.

Thank you! And I appologize the pics are a bit blurry!


Breyer Horses For Sale

Hi, Im selling some of my breyers to get money for college :) Most of them came out of the box and went right on a shelf. They are in very good condition and some of them come with their boxes.

Photos can be seen here http://www.flickr.com/photos/57204090@N05/

if your interested, please email me at wdanielhan@aol.com

thanks for looking :)

Here's a list


No. 1245 Appaloosa sport Horse, black (Retired) $30

No. 599 Kennebec Count Morgan (Retired) $28

No. 707 Cefnoakpark Bouncer Welsh pony $22

No.1176 Sugar and Spice, running mare and foal (Retired) $25

Childhood horses for sale

Hello just cleaning out my storage space and have a few vintage horses from the 80's.  They are all in played with condition, but none of them are broken.  I would prefer to sell them, but if not I will just give them away to friends and family.  The only ones I have that might be worth anything are the following:

Traditional Size:

Black Stallion this one is in very good condition. No Alec

Five Gaiter brown with red ribbon

Legionaro III

Justin Morgan

Western Horse Pinto

Abdullah #817

Old Timer no hat dappled grey

Classic Size:

Black beaty set with four horses

Black stallion set with Johar and another arab horse

Jet Run brown

Might Tango grey

Phar Lap Chestnut color

Stormy the foal

I would gladly send picture to people who are interested. 



Autographed Poker Joe

About two years ago, at the Penn National Horse Show, I got my Breyer Poker Joe signed by Tommie Turvey. It's new in box, besides being opened to be signed. I don't want to sell him just yet, but I was thinking about when I go to college to sell a few of my collection some extra money. Can anyone give me an estimate how much much they think it's worth? 


Esprit as a Stablemate(?)

When my younger siblings went into a local breyer retail, they said there was an Esprit stablemate. They said he was the exact same model, but just a light light grey without the dapples. As I didn't go in, I'm not certain this is true, but I don't have any suspicion of my younger siblings lying. Just wanted to let you know, there may be a new and perhaps rare stablemate around of the Esprit mold. Thanks!




Where do you get unpainted models from because i want to try a custom. if not that how do you remove paint off of model????





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