Donating breyer horses

Hello everyone,

I'm new here, hoping someone has a solution to my dilemma. I have several hundred breyers that i've collected since I was a kid. Most are in played-with condition, some better. I love them so much and it's hard, but they are in storage where I can't even look at them. I would rather they be enjoyed by someone. I would love to donate them. I would just like to see some kids who have very little have some "toys" to love. Does anyone know of an organization/group that would like to have these?


Thank you,



Collection of around 20 Breyer models for sale


I have the following Breyers for sale. Pictures are available. 

All models have been removed from the boxes and lightly used or displayed.

Please contact me on cyrus1028@gmail.com for further information on what sort of shape the model is in (some have minor scratches or are missing an ear tip) or for pictures.



#855 - Little Chaparral Breyer Show Special 1993 - SIGNED BY PETER STONE - comes w/ original box and certificate of authenticity

#495 - Gem Twist Champion Showjumper by Kathleen Moody (variation 2) - w/ original box

#3056 - Classic Desert Arabian Family

#470 - Misty's Twilight by Jeanne Mellin Herrick - w/ original box

#3345 - King of the Wind box set - comes w/ 3 models (Black Beauty, Black Stallion & Duchess) and original box

#465 - Roemer

#899 - Greystreak 

#873 - Ara-Appaloosa Mare - w/ original box


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