HELP! Yellowed Models...

Help! I have numerous old Breyer models that are yellowed from time or being packed away, I'm not sure which. Some of my models are not as bad as others, and it doesn't seem like age has anything to do with it. I know there is a mixture that can be used to whiten them involving bleach and white vinegar, but I don't remember the portions. ANY HELP ON THIS WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED!!! I also have some models that have a speckeling look to the paint, and I'm not sure what caused it.

whole collection for sale

hey everyone I am selling my entire collection . here are some of the ahorses still in boxes: hykos pluto,roy,starlight,mistys twilight,sherman morgan,justin morgan,boyla,joe patch,dan patch , saddle bred weanling (numbered and signed by stone) lakota 1,lakota 2 , rumbling thunder,fresian,memphis storm,blk berry frost ,aqhaking,aqha goman go sets still in boxes a pony for keeps,desert arab.family,hanavorian famuily , quater horse family also jc pennys frisky foal set , sears future champ set ,jecpennys wild horses of america set oldies but goodies woodgrain arab mare woodgrain brama bull cante


Unfortunately, I have to sell my collection of Breyers to pay of college loans. I have a long list of CEs, LEs, SRs, tour models, Breyerfest models, etc... from the 50's-90's, most/all in MIB/NIB/Mint condition, some older remake prospects, BEAUTIFUL collection filled with rarities... unpainteds, decorators, auction models, test runs, etc etc etc.... Email me at Cloudonine@aol.com (all letters, as in, the letter "o" not the #0) Thanks! -Amy


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