Inexpensive used

i am looking for INEXPENSIVE used breyers for part of my daughter's birthday party. the kids will be customizing so the horses can be scuffed have limbs that have been reattached. they do need to have all limbs but a chipped ear or minor chip on tail would still be fine. please please let me know if you can help!!!

Breyers for sale

I have a No. 723 Sacred Indian it is still in the box but the box is damage. It has never been taken out of the box. The breyer it self is in perfect condition. Please make an offer.

I also have a Scamper barrel horse. the outer packaging is gone but the berey is still attached to the back part of the packaging. The Breyer is in perfect condition. Please make an offer.

Email: Skrile18@gmail.com

Thank you


  I know, I know, It's christmas time,buuuuuttttttt.......I know NO ONE will get me S .Justadream for christmas......but I have more of a decision than that when it comes to having $30.00..... WHAT SHOULD I GET???????? please comment your opinion on what I should get......email me, I might not read back on this.....here it is: annbowcut@hotmail.com

my little big collection

hey all, i've been an advocate collector since 1980, my grandma passed down her collection to me from the 60's and i have been collecting since.  there are lots i would like to have in my collection as well as willing to trade or sell to buy newer ones that i've had my eye on.  if you have something your willing to trade or one that your looking for let me know, chances are i have it and MIGHT be willing to work something, i have over a thousand majority in boxes, with the exception of a few i used to play with =D 



Hi i am sell a lot of 7 from my breyer horse collection. All of them are in really good shape with no breaks marks or scratches!! All horses are out of box.

1. night deck in lady phase model she is in MINT conditiom!!! Her color is bright with NO MARKS OF ANY KIND!!!

2. Night Vision which goes with Night Deck to make a set!! He is in mint condition with bright colors and with NO MARKS OR ANY KIND!!!

3. Snowflake He too is in MINT CONDITION!! His white color is VERY bright and he has NO MARKS OF ANY KIND!!! He comes with a red blanket that reads SEASONS GREETINGS the blanket too is in great condtion!!

4. Atlas He is in the rearing horse model with gold and white markings. The gold makes the map of the world on him. He is glossy and VERY bright in color and is in MINT CONDITION!!! He has NO MARKS!!!

Breyer Warehouse Sale!!

Hey, yall!! 

I visited Pequannock, NJ, this weekend for the annual Breyer Warehouse sale. It was AMAZING!! My purchases included: Red Carpet Royalty, Lady Liberty, Espirit, Family Stallion(color crazy set), some WEG Stablemates, and Onyx. All for 130$!!! I had so much fun chatting with other collectors and they had an amazing amount of special runs. Great time, great place. Awesome horses!! -Bella C. 

I just got my Zenyatta Breyer

I've been wanting this model since I heard Breyer would be releasing it. And I finally got around to ordering one and I just got it in the mail. And... Oh my gosh! She is so beautyful!!! I might just keep her in her packaging to protect her. I don't have a way of adding a pic, :(....  Does anyone else have a Zenyatta? I love my new Breyer!!


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