Back Cracking

 My traditional breyer milton's back is cracking down the middle where they put the 2 pieces together. I dont want an ugly glue stripe down it and i really dont want to customize this model.  I'm not sure what to do so if you can give me advice/ tell me what to do that would be great! Thanks.

1980s Breyer Horse Models For Sale

Hi all! I have a small collection of Breyer horses available for purchase. They do not include boxes, but they have been very well cared for.  A couple of models are in less-than-great condition, which I have marked as such below. Photos available on request.


Traditional Models

Pacer - sorrel - 1984 - asking $40

Suckling Foal - bay pinto - 1982-1983 - asking $40

#16 Marguerite Henry's Sea Star - dark chestnut - 1980-1987 - asking $40

#17 Phantom Wings Stock Horse Foal - brown appaloosa - 1979-1982 - asking $40

#19 Marguerite Henry's Stormy - dark chestnut pinto - 1977-current - asking $40


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