Breyer Model horse halters and accessories

Hello all!

I am selling a ton of custom breyer horse bridles, Halters, martigales, and accessories.  Please let me know if you are interested. As i am saving toward either leasing a horse, or breyerfest 2011, I have not decided which one yet,

All accessories are made by me.

I can make custom ones.


Order a custom one on my website!

I garantee quality. If you are interested. Please email me at morgan_is_the_best@att.net

Or go to http://www.youtube.com/horseluvva4ever

Thank you so much for reading!

Selling my Breyer collection!

All models are out of their boxes, but none have any scratches or are otherwise damaged in any way. Buyer pays shipping (I live in Fayetteville, GA, USA). I don't collect -- I played with them in my tween years -- and I based the "approximate value" column off internet research. I'm willing to take less for most of them (to a certain degree), so please don't be afraid to ask. I can also send pictures if requested.

I'm trying to save toward buying a real horse (one I've REALLY wanted for months) and this seems like a good fundraiser if I can sell enough of them.

Thanks so much for looking!




3363 -- Spanish Riding School Lipizzaner -- $150.00

710003 -- The Merry Widow -- $100.00

710004 -- Cryptic -- $100.00

Molel Horse tack

Hey Breyer lovers!..you can call me Tiny Tack..:) let me tell a little bit about my self. I have been making model horse tack for four years and hope for many many more to come..i ride English And western (in  real life :)) I have always loved breyer horses..I got my first breyer horse when i was 5 and have continued to love and collect them since then.

now here is a little bit about my hobbie: I make Model horse tack for traditionar sized Breyer horses..Out of real cowhide; English and Western saddles & Bridles,Blankets, lunge sets, travel sets, western show sets,English Show sets, and much much more!...right now I'm just trying to get thing of the ground so i only have a Wester full set,hackmore bride,And a travel set up for sale..But feel free to check it out!


Lookie what I just won! And I have some questions too.



First, did I overpay for them? ($19.00) Be honest. It's the only way I'll learn. I've started collecting stablemates only now, and have a little extra money to spend lately (usually it's spent on my horse, but I got a job now. lol) But I still don't want to spend a fortune on things. Anyway, one of my favorite SM models is the old little draft (can't recall the name that starts with an "R"). So I pretty much had to win the auction for the draft, not so much the foal. Most (in better condition) are $30-$100. What would be a reasonable price to pay for one in good shape?

Can Anyone Identify This Breyer?

Hi everyone! I have this Breyer and I"ve been looking at pictures of traditional models to try and fins the horse and it's value. 

I did find one that looks EXACTLY the same, EXCEPT for the hoof color.  Also, this horse has a tan paint spot on each of it's legs.  It doesn't appear that the paint has scratched off...it looks strange but like it was made that way. 

Links to images below:





Please help! Thanks!



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