Breyer Horse Collection For Sale - Over 100 Horses - LOOK!!!!!!!!



I am currently selling off my entire Breyer Horse Collection in order to clear space in my "horse Room" and turn it into a nursery. Please see the List below as to the Breyers I have. I am not listing prices and I am not really sure what each one is worth. if interested, Please reply by email to Danica0624@yahoo.com with model # and an Offer. I will accept any reasonable offer as I need the money to purchase items for my baby. Horses are available for pickup in the Canton, Ohio area. I will ship items to any location for whatever the Post office is going to charge me. I do know that horses in boxes cost approx $12-15 each to send. I am also willing to meet you within 30 miles of zip code 44720. THANKS!!!!!


Models with No Box –  These Have been on Shelf Display and handled Lightly

# Pony of Americas SR – Black Leopard Appy – Exc Cond

#35 – King – Some rub marks on shoulder and hip

13 USED Breyer Horses - FREE to Good Home

I have thirteen Breyer horses that were purchased in approximately 1980 - 1982. I played with them as a child so they have varying degrees of wear and rubs. Only one is actually broken...a unicorn whose horn has partially broken off. They are dusty and have been packed away for years.

I will give them to someone who would love them for FREE - you just have to pay whatever it would cost to ship them. (I live in the Orlando, FL area.) I was going to donate them to a local thrift store, but would rather see them go to someone who would actually appreciate them. 

Please email me if you are interested. I will have photos available tomorrow.


- Sara

Box or No Box

Hi I am moving and thinking of selling my collection of Breyers. I am thinking of ditching the boxes that Ive held onto for years in order to store the horses easier.

If i am to sell my horses later on down the road, will I regret pitching the boxes?

Will they sell for more if they are with original box?

What if the box is not in exceptional shape but the horse is?

Any suggestions will be a huge help!!

Thanks much!!


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