Need Help Identifying Breyer

Hi there!

I have looked all over with no luck...
I do not collect Breyer horses (yet, hehe) but for giggles I went on a search to find out how much my model horse is worth and/or the name of the mold. I was given it as a gift sometime in the early 1990s. With the lack of luck in my search, I wonder if it is a knock-off? At the same time, it has the (c) Reeves/Breyer stamped on its leg.

Any info would be appreciated!




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Go to Identify Your Breyer. It is the largest, and most complete guide. It has pictures, dates, names, etc. Once you get that information, you should be able to figure out the price. I've never seen any Breyer like that though... Good luck!


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Love horses

i have a Breyer gray appaloosa and I don't know it's name can u help?


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Hi Olivia I'm offering sunny he has wone 5 shows and he is a palamino stallion some rubs but he is only been used for 1year really a good horse he is a Breyer arabian stallion and he is adorable and he is a hooked q . A


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