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My mom passed away approximately 6 years ago. She has a collection of Breyer horses from what I am assuming mostly consists of horses from the 80s. I know nothing about Breyer horses and am looking to sell them. Almost all of them include boxes. I am looking for anyone interested in them or pointing me in the right direction as far as what they are worth and coming in contact with people that would be interested in them. Thank you!


• No. 837 Belgian Brabant
• No. 829 Comanche Pony
• No. 806 Proud Arabian Foal
• No. 84 Clydesdale Foal-Chestnut
• No. 57 Western Horse…Palom No
• No. 20 Marguerite Henry’s Misty
• No. 19 Marguerite Henry’s Stormy-Famous Foal
• No. 831 Show Stance Morgan
• No. 702 Morgan
• No. 83 Clydesdale Mare ( A collector series of authentic hand painted horses)(w/box)
• No. 5 Family Mare…Palom No
• No 66 Appaloosa


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Emily McLaughlin

Hi, I don't know how many of these you have left but if you are still trying to sell them, I would check ebay to see what their current going price is. I would also make sure to include the name and the number like you did here when you sell them. That would make it the most likely that you get a good price for them.


Many Breyer horse owners create elaborate set-ups that really showcase how amazing their collections are. Some create or purchase ornate stables to showcase their Breyers and others have multi-tiered shelving units made just to show off their amazing horses.
What is the most elaborate set-up you’ve ever created for your Breyer horses? Have you ever had anything custom made, and if so, where did you get it done? Share your experiences and ideas for other horse lovers to get great ideas.


I'm so sorry about your loss. I think selling your mom's horses is a good way to find them new homes with owners that will love them. Some might say to hold onto them for sentimental value but I really think it's healthier to pass on anything that's not meaningful to you and only keep the treasured mementos.

Lots of people sell their Breyers on Ebay. It's an easy way to list them all in one place that's not too expensive (there are small fees), and you could do a listing for them all or for each one separately, however you want to do it. You could also check with local auction houses or antique shops to see what they might give you for the horses. If an auction house wants to sell them you could definitely get a share of them in the auction.

You could try Breyer Horse forums like this one! Post pictures and how people can safely contact you. You might want to use a PO address. You could also try Breyer Horse meetups. There are different shows, but some communities even have regular weekly or monthly get-togethers. You can see if they allow people to bring horses to sell?

You can always do a yard sale, flea market, etc. if you feel like it. That might be one of the cheaper options, although it may mean more work for you in the long run.


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