Breyer Collection - No boxes - help needed identifying horses

Names requested

Hi, My Mom recently passed her home my childhood collection from 1980-1999 of @ 100 horses was sent to me. Unfortunately, I have two boys who are more interested in baseball than horses, so I need to sell these models. My Mom's care taker placed the hoses in two boxes and packed them well - however - she did not include the boxes. As a result, I do not recall all of the model's names etc. Would someone be willing to help me identify the models? If so, please email me so I can send you pic's and you will have first dib's on all models.

Thank you, Julie


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If you need more assistance let me know as well, I usually do a comparison online, find the model, and then do another comparison to prices on ebay/amazon. Just reply to this comment and I should reply back within 24 hours. :)


i really would love them but my mom and step dad dont haveany money andif you could sell them cheap i would find a way towork for the money to get them i would givethem a good loving home and i dont mind what kind of breyer horses they are i would really really love to have them


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I would love to help you out, I love breyer a and only have soz pf them cause the rest got lost on our move is ant to start collecting again! I have two barns. And home made stalky is also have bedding and feed! I would love to help!


I am so sorry for your loss. When it comes to identifying your Breyer horses, there are lots of resources that you can utilize to get the job done. You can use the website Identify Your Breyer, which is found here They have thousands of photos you can use to help find out which horses you have in the collection. They even have a great step by step process to follow to help you identify your horses! Once you know the scale/series of horse and the mold of horse, it's easy to find the model.

To find out what your Breyer horses are worth, there are a few things you can do. You can check to see what the same models are going for on eBay, or you can search for them in the Breyer Animal Collector's Guide, Fifth Edition, which will give you an idea about what they are selling for. Ultimately it will be up to you to decide how much they are worth and whether or not you want to keep them, but if you do decide to sell, there are many options for that route as well. Good luck!


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