Gold Charm foal? (pic)

I am wondering if this is a Gold Charm running foal. I got it an an estate sale. I am having trouble IDing it! Any help with the quarter horse is cool, too. And the Friesian; he has one white foot and is bay.


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Liza Payne

The Quarter Horse is Dun Gelding, 'Two Bits' - released 1961-1980. Earliest variations have eyewhites (pre 1970), later have space for eyewhites that are blank. I have the variation with eyewhites, if he's in good condition, he's a find - oh but nothing compares to the Charm Foal - Sooooo Jealous!


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you are so lucky i always wanted one!!!!


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Stephen Breyer

I have been following this blog since my supreme court nomination and I am getting very concerned. Who is in charge and why has there not been an update in three years? Please meet me in court anytime to explain or hit me up on my myspace account. Thank you


When you’re faced with a broken Breyer Horse, you may feel absolutely crestfallen. The good news is that there are ways to repair your collectible horse. Your repairs may not restore it to its original value, so you may not get as much out of it if you intend to sell down the line, but if you keep Breyers for your own enjoyment, odds are that you can at least make your horse look like itself again!
One thing you can do is restore your horse’s broken legs with wood. A grandfather recently repaired his brokenhearted granddaughter’s Breyer horse with a small piece of wood that he transformed over time into what appears to be a new leg! His daughter, the granddaughter’s mother, proudly shared the process on social media and it’s since gone viral.
Have you ever used wood to repair a Breyer horse? How have you made repairs to your collection over the years? Share your best tips here for other collectors to use.


When you purchase a Breyer Horse, you can honor the horse that it is modeled after by retaining its name. Horses like Woodland Splendor and American Pharaoh are so regal that it’s almost intimidating to think of renaming them something different to suit your collection, but the fact remains that it IS your collection and you can name your horses whatever you wish.

So do you name your Breyer horses? What kinds of names have you given them over the years and which is your favorite?


Speaking of Gold Charm foals, which Breyer foal is your favorite? It doesn't have to be in your own collection. It could just be one that is on your wishlist. There's no doubt that the Morgan foal is absolutely lovely, but the son of Valentine, the foal Heartbreaker, is simply gorgeous. The classic chestnut Arabian foal is also beautiful, as is the Appaloosa foal.

It's a hard choice to decide exactly which foal is the best. Without thinking of cost or even the condition of the model, which foal is your favorite?


The United States Equestrian Team is hosting a cool contest where you can win a custom Breyer model horse and a framed autographed Rio Olympics poster. It's called the USET Foundation’s PonyUp! Contest. The contest was created to raise awareness about equestrian sports and to raise money to help support them, but the top fundraiser gets to design his or her own model to have made. This is a pretty exciting opportunity! Will you be participating in the contest?


Hey fellow Breyer Horse lovers, I have a question for you today. What do you do when your model Breyer doesn't live up to your expectations? Normally these models are flawless masterpieces worthy of showing (not as worthy as the horses themselves but close!), but I've had one that just didn't look like it was made with as much care and attention as the rest of the collection. Even after some painstaking touch ups on my own part it still looks a bit... sloppy.

Has anyone else ever had this issue? If so did you contact the company to have it replaced or refunded?


If you have kids who love Breyer horses, have you considered using the in 4-H projects? 4-H stands for Head, Heart, Hands and Health, and it's the oldest organization for children in the United States. It's coed and it's not just about livestock--it's about everything kids are interested in, from entrepreneurship to robotics. Kids who love horses can ride horses, read about them, create models and posters to depict how they live and eat and much more.

Kids who love Breyers can use their models to create scenes of horses complete with labels to demonstrate horse knowledge, depict horses in various scenes and so much more. They can even raise money to buy more models and track how much money they make and spend. It can be a very educational experience! Call your local 4-H chapter to find out more.


I just saw a sale on a Breyer Horse set that I had to share! At Toys R Us (go to the website and search for Breyer Horses) you can get a whole Breyer Stablemates Horse and Rider Set for just five dollars! I was so shocked. It's hand-painted like you would expect from any other Breyer horse model and has the horse and rider, but it also comes with a fence for jumping, a saddle and bridle. It's a great set for gift-giving. If you are having a horse party you could even pick up enough to use as party favors.

The coolest thing is that there are different sets you can pick from. There's the Bay Blanket Appaloosa with cowgirl, which is always popular, and the Grey Tennessee Walking Horse with cowboy. There are two sets with English riders as well: the Red Roan cantering Sport Horse and the Varnish Roan Appaloosa. Will you be getting any of these sets?


We often discuss our favorite Breyer horses around here at Breyer Horse Talk, as well as where to get them, how to sell them and how to identify them. But WHY do you love the horses in the first place? Maybe it's an interest passed down by your family, or a way to celebrate the horses you already know and love. For some, it can even change lives.

There is a great story at Lancaster Farming right now about a girl who, at age nine, was struggling with confidence issues that stemmed from her dyslexia. Her mother worried about her but now says that years later, after time with her 4-H group, horses and even her Breyer collection, she has blossomed into a 4-H leader and career woman at the age of 19! It just goes to show that what are only "hobbies" to some may be life-changing catalysts to others.


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