Need a barn name for gypsy Vanner his show name is bold honesty


it depends on his colouring and his personality. You could either call him Bo or Honey. Or basically anything that fits him. (get creative!) Good Luck.


Think of his colour. Think of what personality his colour would be giving him. A cold, mean personality? Or perhaps a soft, warm personality? Looking at his colour (I have a gypsy banner too!), I would say a warm personality. A good name could be Rico, or even Pixel. Good luck!


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Vickie Tanner

I'm looking for gunner for a little friend of mine.


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I am looking for a gunner, Please contact me if you have one


Breyer Horse Fans, rejoice: tickets for Breyer Fest 2017 are now available! This year, horses of India will be featured at the festival with a “Gateway to India” theme. You’ll get to encounter both models as well as real horses. Fans will gather at Kentucky Horse Park to mingle, share their love of the horses and get a glimpse of Marwaris horses that are sure to be there this year.
There are only 15 Marwaris horses in the United States right now. The horses are even considered rare worldwide, with only a few thousand in India. It’s a once in a lifetime chance to really get close to these horses and see them in person.
Fans can look forward to demonstrations, clinics, presentations and much more at this year’s festival. Will you be going? What is your favorite part of a Breyer Fest?


Are you looking for a great way to give a Breyer Horse as a gift? There are lots of wonderful ways to display, wrap and present your gift. You can always use horse-themed wrapping paper, but why not create a cute homemade stable out of a shoebox? This is especially cute if you bought your horse used and need a creative way to display it. You can put real hay in the box, but it might be less messy to add some corrugated cardboard or yellow craft paper strips. You can paint the box, put stickers on it, create a barn door, whatever you feel like doing.

You can also just keep it simple. Adorn the horse with some ribbons or rosettes for a classic yet pretty look.

How have you displayed a gift Breyer Horse? Share your ideas here!


Have you ever considered using your Breyer collection to create some fun stop-motion videos? It's not as hard as it seems, especially if you limit it to 60-second videos to start. You can search for stop motion tutorials online to help guide you in crafting some of the most creative and entertaining videos and use them to show off your collection, get attention for your Breyer horse sale website or even just for fun!

Be sure to create your script first and keep your expectations to just a minute or two. Any longer than that can be daunting when it comes to stop motion. You may also want to get some music, props and sound effects ready. A background of some sort is always a good idea to add interest, as is a soundtrack. Be as creative as you like and have a great time!

Did you make a video of your Breyers you want to share? Share it with us!


I know it sounds crazy to do anything to your Breyer horses other than polish and display them (quite carefully), but how many people actually modify their horses to make them into something totally different? I have seen some amazing Breyer horses that were modified with clay and other materials into various incredible creatures. Some were as simple as unicorn modifications with single horn additions, but many others had huge wings, scales and other creative mods that just made them unique, one-of-a-kind editions.

Still some mods don't even make the horses into recognizable mythical creatures but multiple colors, patterns and even sparkling creations. One of the coolest horse designs that I've seen even had leopard spots on it!

Have you ever created a Breyer modification? What kind did you do?


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