Looking for the Black Beauty Set

Breyer's Black Beauty set

I'm trying to help a friend find the Complete Set of 4 of the 1983ish Breyer's Black Beauty Set. She wants to buy it for her daughter for a Christmas present. Pleas if you have it and would like to sell it, let me know. Thank you so much. Even if you just have 3 of the set, Please just let me know what you have, and the price.


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Lee Diana


I have the set. I've included the condition of each horse, as well as the price. Please let me know if you have any questions. My email address is leemgross@gmail.com
3040 Black Beauty Family(1980-1993) 3040-Black Beauty mint $10
3040 Black Beauty Family(1980-1993) 3040-Dutchess large scratch down L back leg, small rub L eye. Box worn. $5
3040 Black Beauty Family(1980-1993) 3040-Ginger tiny rub on L belly, L shoulder, R flank, R belly. Box worn $5
3040 Black Beauty Family(1980-1993) 3040-Merry Legs small rub on chest, R hip, L side of back. Box worn. $5

Lee Diana


It's never too late to start looking for the Breyer Horses that you want to buy for the holiday season. Whether your children, your friends, family members or even you love Breyer Horses, it's a great strategy to collect them over the year to distribute in December when the whole family gets together for gift-giving. It's also a good idea to compile a list of all of the horses that people in your family want for Christmas. It's like you said with the Black Beauty set: everyone likes certain horses and when you can fulfill a wish like that it makes the gift extra special.

Some people, especially newcomers to Breyer Horses, may not even have favorites yet! As hard as that is to believe, it's true. This makes it even easier to buy for those individuals since they don't have many horses yet and you're not likely to purchase any duplicates. Do you know which sets you will be buying this year?


I would love to hear your favorite place to buy Breyer Horses! I was looking at them on Ebay recently and I just wasn't sure of the quality. Some of them look like dead ringers for Breyers but some looked like definite knockoffs. How do you tell the difference for sure when you buy online? Have you ever bought any horses that looked like the real deal but turned out to be fakes when they arrived? If so, were you able to get a replacement or a refund? There have to be good places online to find real Breyer horses for a good price, right?


Having never collected any Stablemates in the past, I was delighted to chance upon Navya, Josine Vingerling's standing Friesian painted on clearware. This is one gorgeous horse and I was so happy to find so many other horses of this nature! Navya was available over the weekend at the BreyerFest 2017 Gateway to India program along with other lovely Stablemates.

The high-gloss finished horse features a beautiful lotus blossom emblem as well as delicate green and purple hues, making it the perfect addition to any collection. Do you have any Stablemates in your own collection?


A lot of talk concerns the newest and most popular Breyer Horse models, but what about the retired horses? Retired models are so much more difficult to find and in many cases, they are worth much more, especially if you've kept them in as close to mint as possible. The gorgeous Apple Jack model is one of the most beloved retired horses, but lots of people appreciate other traditional series models like Headley Britannia and Ben Cartwright's Buck. Do you own any of the traditional series retired models?

If not, maybe you are the proud owner of a class series retired model horse from the Breyer collection. Some of the most popular horses there include Chestnut Appaloosa, Red Roan Sabino Part Arabian and Dark Bay Hanoverian. There are some really pretty pastel models in this collection as well.

Which is your favorite retired horse?


When you are in search of Breyer horses, where is the first place you go? Do you head here to Breyer Horse Talk and post about the horse you are searching for, or do you go to a site like eBay or Amazon? Do you prefer your horses to be new or used? There are dozens of places you can go to find Breyer Horses, believe it or not, and one of the best places to go is the Store Locator website at the Breyer Horse site.

The Store Locator page will help you find the nearest Toys R Us, TSC, Dover Saddlery and other retailers that are known to sell Breyer Horses. It's a great resource to use, especially if you are in an unfamiliar area and want to find a brick and mortar location from which to purchase your Breyers.

Where is your favorite place to buy Breyer Horses? Who do you think has the greatest selection and prices?


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