Always looking for inexpensive Breyers.

I have been collecting Breyer horses for awhile and am always looking for bargains. If you have some for sale, or some you just want to give away let me know.


I have some for sale that might be in your price range.

I have 3 Stablemates ( all of them need paint jobs)2 andulsians stallions and 1 morgan mare. I want $10.00 + shipping for all.  I also have a Original Finish John Henry excellent condition need touch up on hooves which I will do before shipping. I want $15.00 plus shipping. I've shown him in Trail, as a pack horse, Halter, and in lead line.



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Can you post pictures or send them to me?


I have a large collection of about 80 horses that I would love to sell for 10 dollars a piece some for 5 dollars. Would you be interested?


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What all do you have?