Help me find this Breyer

Hi there. I am looking for a Breyer that I have actually never seen before. When I was younger, the horse I learned to ride on was a model for Breyer. His owner told me he modeled twice for Breyer and there are two Breyers of him. The horse's real name is Conclusion Two Jack. He is a palomino gelding with two white socks on his hind legs and a white stripe down his face. He is a Quarter Horse. I own one of the Breyers of him, which is the palomino Fight Stallion called Clue II. I am looking for the other one that his owner told me about. His owner died last year from cancer and never find out what Breyer this was either. Clue modeled for these Breyers before she bought him and I have no idea who the pervious owner of Clue is. So, now I turn to you guys for help.

All she could tell me was the other Breyer horse was a mare, possibly with a foal that came in a set. Clue was the model for the mare in the set. So, I am assuming the mare is a palomino with a white stripe and two white socks on the hind legs. Supposedly the mare is laying down. Since Clue II (the other Breyer he modeled for) came out around 1996/1997, I am going to guess this set also came out around that time. This is not a newer set for sure. Anything past 2004 couldn't be this Breyer. She told me about in 2004, so I know the Breyer is atleast older than that.

I have looked everywhere and cannot seem to find anything that is even close. If you can find anything that matches this, please let me know! I can be emailed at

This would mean the world to me because his owner was my role model and since she died, Clue was sent to a new home and I will probably never see him again. I would obviously love to have the other Breyer he modeled for.


I found the model you have Fighting  Stallion Number # 949 and was made from 1996 - 1997  I had never heard heard about this model until you mentioned it.Here is the  info for othe rcollectors

Here is where I found it -

 I was not listed on on the identfy your breyer web site

I would write breyer directly give the information you have I bet they could give you information on the other model.



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Yeah, that is the one I already have. He is listed on other identify websites. He isn't worth very much. Actually lower than retail in some cases. He is very pretty Breyer, but then again, I love the Fighting Stallion mold. It is actually easy to find on Ebay if you enter in Fighting Stallion Palomino.

Clue's name is actually spelled wrong. We always spelled his name Clu. Derived from his name, ConCLUsion Two Jack. They didn't even put his full show name as the Breyer name which is really odd.

Thanks for the advice. I will try contacting Breyer.


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I called Breyer. They couldn't find anything about it. They apparently don't keep anything on the models for the the Breyer.

They told me to try another forum and there could be someone that could help me there.