i have some names

boys girls
Reno Lilly/ Lillian
Jack Diamond
Spiret Crystal
Chip Lady
Cisco Moonnight
Jones Garnet


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For boys what about: for foals what about: For girls what about:
chex dancer apollo domino rocky magnum indy sapphire twilight valentine


Barn Name - Phoenix Show name- Phoenix Rising
Barn Name-Royal,Majesty,Majestic,star, Show Name- Red Carpet Royalty
Barn Name- Worthy Show Name- News Worthy

Barn Name- Stormy Show Name- Gathering Storm


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reign, jeti, maxamo, splash, molly, turtle, coddie, scarlet, sandy, sun, sunshine; derby, lily, domeno, dice, tortuga, dillon, luna if u have a cow, liberty, misty, princeton, cuff, ferris, neo, ginger, snowflake, billy, cracker, boone, april, frodo, commander, sugar, aztec, chilly, cholipso, sara, alma, baily, sunburst, goldrush, cash, blue, harley, trixy, samson, and kenzi.


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Angel carr

I whant a toy bradol so whan i get my breyers i can put them on the horses


No matter how much you love your Breyer Horses, there’s no argument when it comes to their cost. Yes, you love them, so you may save money for them or ask for horses on special occasions, but they do not come cheaply. When Carol Herden was little, she had hoped for a Breyer Horse, but like many children, she simply didn’t have enough money to afford one.
Herden was around horses at home on her family’s ranch, however, and her mother didn’t doubt her child’s creativity. She decided to give her some clay to make her own animals and the rest is history. Herden now creates authentic models in her company, Carol’s Original Works of Amboy.
Have you ever decided to create something yourself when you wanted an original? What did you make and how did it turn out?


The 2015 Triple Crown winner American Pharaoh is one of the most beloved Breyer Horses in the country, with everything from scale replicas to Christmas ornaments of the horse available for purchase. American Pharaoh was the 12th horse to win the Triple Crown, going on to only win the Breeder's Cup as well! A good American Pharaoh replica runs for about $55 but the highest quality model is closer to $85.

Some versions of the horse include a blanket while others feature a rider. Do you have a copy of this magnificent horse? Which one do you have and if you do have one, are you willing to sell or trade it?


How is your Breyer collection coming along? There are always new and exciting Breyer Horse products available at Amazon, and this week is no exception. From the Breyer Stablemates Red Stable Se to riders like Breyer Kaitlyn Cowgir, you can find all kinds of things to supplement your collection with. The stable is under $20 right now, making it a great find for your collection. It helps to break up your displays with accessories, but if your children have collections that they enjoy playing with, the toys also help provide them with more imaginative options.

Have you made any recent purchases for your Breyer Horse collection? What bargains have you been able to find?


Remember the gorgeous movie Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron that was released almost 15 years ago? Dreamworks and Netflix are pairing up to create a spinoff of the film that will be airing on Netflix on May 5. As exciting as that is for horse lovers, Breyer fans should take note that the Breyer company is also designing the horse models for the program!
The spinoff is called Spirit: Riding Free and it takes place during the 19th century. It’s been designed for girls ages 6 to 10 but kids and parents of all ages and genders should enjoy this family-friendly program.


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