LARGE Breyer Collection for sale, make me an offer!

You've heard it before...kid sells Breyer collection after kid has grown up and goes off to college *sigh*. So here it is. I can provide detailed pictures of  any of the models, I am listing these models in two main groups, basically the group I want to sell and the group that I am going to have a harder time parting with, but I will do so if the price is right. Most of these models are from 1994-1999 range, and includes several very rare models as well as limited and commemorative editions. I can provide commemorative edition numbers and pictures of autographs on request. Prices are negotiable but I have attempted to stick close to the estimated value of each model. Shipping will depend on where you live and how fast you want it. Please e-mail me at  So, without further ado:


Models that I would like to sell:

Sundown --  Model #933. From 1995. Good condition, No box.     $35

Freedom -- Model #972 Commemorative Edition from 1997. No box, mint condition. $35

Iron Metal Chief -- Model #971 Limited Edition 1997. No box, very good condition. $35

Misty's Twilight -- Model #471 from 1995. No box, very good condition. $20

Blackberry Frost -- Model #716 Commemortaive Edition from 1998. No box, very good condition. $30

Equus -- Model #983 from 1997. Equus magazine namesake. No box, good condition. $20

Erin Go Bragh --  Model #715 from 1998. No box, very good condition. $25,00

Chief of Fourmile -- Model #752 from 1999. Commemorative edition. No box, verygood condition. $25

Hannover - Model #912 from 1995. No box, good condition. $20

Black Beauty (original) -  Model #89. Not sure of year, but was manufactuered '79-'88. No box, very good condition. $50

Cigar - Model #476 from 1998. No box, very good condition. $20

Secretariat 25th Annevesary -- Special Run #770598 from 1998 (purchased at Breyerfest). No box, but includes blanket of roses. Good condition. $35

Rugged Lark -- Model #450 from 1998. No box, good condition. $20

Copper -- Model #751 Limited Edition from 1999. No box, very good condition. $25

Snowflake -- Special Run #750198, Christmas horse from 1998 (the second year they did this). No box, very good condition, includes blanket. $20

Go Man Go -- Model #721 from 1998. This is one of the horses in the first AQHA series. No box, good condition. $20

Big Ben -- Model #483. No, box, good condition. $15

Doc Bar -- Model #759 from 1999, Also in the AQHA Performance Sire series. This one is in the box, but the plastic straps holding the model int he box have been removed. $40

Gem Twist -- Model #495 from 1995. Version 2 with 20 Red Braids. Mint in box. $30

Breyer saddleseat saddle from 1994 -- $20

Breyer hunter/jumper bridle from 1994 -- $20

Hand-made dressage double bridle purchased at Breyerfest, currrently on my Domino model (looks awesome!) -- $30.00


And now for the good stuff...(the stuff I'm going to have a harder time selling)

Argo Xena's Horse -- Model #757 from 1999. Mint in box, and SIGNED by Xena herself at Breyerfest that year. $50

Wimpy P-1 --  Model# 705695 (or 497). This horse is Mint in the box, it is the FIRST in the AQHA Performance Sires Series...and I believe it is the rarer model 705695 because of the coloring and it comes in an original white box with "1995 Breyer Original" on the side. This is a VERY rare model/box combination. $150

Laag -- Model #940 1996 Commemorative Edition. Mint in box. $50

CH Imperator -- Model #905. From 1994. Mint in Box. $65

Domino -- Model #700994 from 1994, mid season special run. Comes with saddle (included in set)  Mint in Box. $100

Beaucephalus -- Model #1162 from 2002 Horses in History series. Mint in box, $40

Trigger --  Model #758 Gift set with video tape (has never been removed from the package). Mint in box and SIGNED by Roy Rogers Jr. at Breyerfest. $75

Snowbound -- Special Run #701596 from 1996. Mint in the original "diarama" box and certificate. This is a USET model I acquired from Breyerfest. #70.


could you send me a pic of big ben?  my pc wont let me email you. some stupid thing bout protection. plz send me a pic or as many as you can send and where the scratched are and such. email to this:

just like that no uppercase

thanks i will post here if i want to buy him. and let me know if you wrap your breyers in bubble wrap when you send...thats the best way to i believe. thanks



hey i asked you if you could send me a pic and all that stuff about big ben. well i looked at the model and it turns out i DONT want him and DONT really like him sorry so nevermind. im not gonna buy anything from ya sorry. but good luck and i hope you get alot of offers!


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Sam Decker

Do you still have Laag, the dapple-grey? I am looking for this item for my mother for Christmas. I live in Wisconsin, can you ship? My email is Thanks so much!