Large Old Breyer - has white sadldle and neck chain halter??

Does anyone know aout this horse?  He is heavy yellow plastic (not yellowed by age).  He stands upright with white on legs and leg shoes are greay.  The head harnesss is a gold chain that goes from his ears to mouth and encircles the white plastic saddle he wears.  He also very small brass dots on his neck.  Hi tell is a thick matching yelowing orange with hair indentataion.  His ears are upright with inner ears a gold coloring (along with his nostrils). 

Help PLEASE.  I have spent hours researching and the most i have got it that he is a white horse that has yellowed.  This horse has NOT yellowed... he is the original yellow orange color.  I have been told he may be one of the original models?


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Might be Breyer's Western pony, Western horse, Western Prancer/Western Prancing Horse or Fury Prancer

Try these web sites


these list breyers by name and /or model number

If the saddle has rivets that will date the model as an earlier production date.

Also some of the models listed above have been produced recently so that's why posting a picture would help identfy the model