Vintage collection for sale

I am selling my Breyer horses. I started collecting in the late 60s and have loved them ever since. I recently opened an antique booth in a local emporium and began pulling out my ponies and researching them. I will have them for sale at the store, but thought I would offer them here as well. I would love them to go to someone who will appreciate them as much as I have througout the years. I just find myself with a child in college and some medical bills in powerful need of paying so it is time to pass the ponies along. Some are "'well loved", some broken, some mint. I am in the process of cataloguing and taking pics, but some examples are:

Morgan model 48- black 1965-87 - he does have a chipped ear

Morgan model 49 bay with bald face 1965-71 - again with a chipped ear

Belgian model 94 chestnut 1965-1980  some rubs and marks

Pacer model 46 liver chestnut 1967-87 good shape

Cantering Welsh Pony mod 104 1971-73 great shape

Proud Arabian stallion mod 212 1972-73 good shape

Family Arabians - all 3 in matte grey blanket (Speck, Fleck and Spot) mod 38, 37,39  1968-71 some rubs and marks

Running mare model 120 alabaster 1963-72 rubs and marks

Running foal model 133 alabaster 1963-73 rubs and marks

Running stallion model 125 alabaster 1968-71 - he has a broken leg that I "fixed" with sucker sticks and masking tape. I can still remember the day in the early 70s when my friend broke him - I was devastated, but he was always one of my favorites - so fierce.

This is a short list , I have about 40 in all. Right now I am just scoping interest and pricing. Let me know what you guys think they are worth.