Wanted: Breyer Horses!

Hi, I'm Cloudtail101, and I have a few horses that I really want! If you have them, name your price, and I hope it's reasonable.


Northern Lights: awesome condition


Cloud's Legacy Set: awesome condition


Cigar Mold: awesome condition.



The first person to send me one, I'll throw in a really awesomely taken care of breyer, for FREE!


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I know that you do mot have the cloud legacy set but do you know if they are traditional or classic?


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I have the cigar mold with box for 20.00 plus 15.00 shipping+handling+tracking #


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Debby Iverson

I am interested in selling my entire lot of Breyer horses---several hundred horses (with boxes for vast majority) and Breyer animals, riders, etc.... This is a collection in perfect condition--dating back to earliest Breyers and stopping in lat 80's early 90's. Live in Seattle area--this would be excellent for antique shop or private collector. Will not seperate individual pieces--sold as a whole or in lots.


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Melanie Albrech...

I am selling a lot of horses over 100!! Message me on Yahoo horsey098@yahoo.com and I will get back ASAP!!