September 2008

Halloween model

Just wanted to let everyone know Breyer is releasing its first Halloween Edition. Maybe everyone's already heard about this, I'm not used to having anyone to talk to about my Breyers! But if you haven't heard, the model name is Skullduggery. It's the Silver mold, black appaloosa. The spots on his rump look like a skull and his blaze looks like a ghost. I've seen a couple of pictures different web sites, but the model hasn't been released yet. If you want this model, try to get on a list now, it seems like it will be pretty hard to find!!!


we have a show coming up! Send me your entrees in the following classes..I need pics!!!I am the judge Miss Southern Sky Queen*we are a big model horse ranch*. BREEDS 1. Arab 2. Partbred Arab/Anglo Arab 3. Thoroughbred 4. Quarter Horse 5. Appaloosa 6. Pinto 7. Other Stock Horse 9. US Gaited Horse 10. Iberian 11. Other European Light Horse 12. Other Purebred Light Horse 13. Other Partbred Light Horse 14. British Heavy Horse 15. Other Heavy Horse 16. Welsh Section A/B 17. Welsh Section C/D 18. Shetland 19. Other Small British Native 20. Large British Native 21. Other European Pony 22.

old breyers

Recently my mother sent me my old collection of horses. I have 2 I think are Breyers. They are approximately 40 years old, in perfect shape. Two pretty white colts. How can I find out their value? All replies appreciated!

horses must go

i am desperate for money and must sell my entire collection by the end of the month !! all horses are in excelent - mint condition to list a few pharlap $90 DECORATOR florentine running mare $500 toby vaulting horse $80 sacred indian (signed) $100 old glossy palamino foal $30 old "golden secrateriat" $95 snow bound $120 dappled dressage horse from early 90's ltd edition BEAUTIFUL!!! my Breyer

I have a CE horse (I know this by the number on it's belly) but I don't know who it is. He is a dapple grey standardbred trotter, and must've ben made in the last ten years or so, probably about 5 years ago. I don't even know where to begin looking to id him! I'm new in this, so I figured all you real collectors would know him right away. Thanks!

Hey look!

Here's a pic of my 1st stablemate bridle! It took FOREVER to do and has all the little details- laced reins (i sewed them myself), 5 WORKING buckles on the headstall, and 1 working buckle on the reins. And it would have had a raised browband and noseband, but I figured out how to raise the leather AFTER I'd done the nose banc and I didn't want to re-do it. See the pics below! LMK what you think!

Stablemate tack set!

I have a stablemate english tack set for sale. details on set are: - close contact saddle: knee rolls, extra stirrup leather w/ keeper, little ring things, wire stirrups with white pads at the bottom, one billet strap -girth: lined w/ white (to look like fuzzy, padded girths), one buckle w/ tongue on each side (not a slip buckle), slightly shaped, has another leather strip over the wider part. -saddle pad: fuzzy, white, shaped.

QVC SR's are up on the site

I've just found this site. For those of you who may not know, Breyer is on QVC on Oct. 2 at 9:00 est. To be available are Charisma, a palomino pinto NSH, Black Beauty, a black Silver, and Seabiscuit, a light bay Cigar. These are SR's only on QVC. You can order from their website as the SR's are up now. They are not in tock et so you will beput on a waitlist. Jessica F

I won Molly!

I am sooooo happy I won a Molly Maguire. I got the letter from Breyer today on how to pay for it and I have already faxed my order. I possibly might consider selling it for the right price if someone was anxious on getting one. To confirm I won, go to under the winners, and look under M, I am Hawkeye, Tx. Please reply if interested.


Hi. I will be attending Breyerfest for the first time this year. I was wondering if anybody had any suggestions on where to get the best bargains for Breyers while I'm there. I know there will be several vendors plus the Breyer tent. I just wondered if any of them were better than others. Thanks for any info.