November 2008

Flocked horse in need if a deep clean!

Hi Ive just bought my first flocked breyer usually i collect vintage models that look vintage i mean not decked up but nice old looking ( if u have any of these "showring rejects" email me about it or if u want one) well back to the subject I was dissapointed to find it was VERY dirty and yellowed and two of the bobs are broken and it was missing the halter and lead (SR1983-84 Sears wish book Clydesdale Flocked BAY) if any one has extra Bobs or halter and lead or ANY cleaning tips PLEASE tell me thanks


I just bought a family arabian mare. She has a bent leg and I saw on a web site that putting in boiling water will heat it enough to bend it back. When I tried this, the leg got a white film on it and it won't come off by rubbing, goo-gone, or by cooling it. When I cool it, the leg temperarily stays normal, then back to the white film. Can Someone give me any suggestions, they would be helpful. Thanx

No Subject

ok so i have this horse figurine and its really old had it for like years im 16 i dont think i wanna sell just intrested in what the big deal is about these horses the pics are there

Need Help!

I have recently recieved an old model, but don't know where to go on the internet to find out what it's ID # is and how much it's worth. If you know a good site that has pictures of very old models please tell me, it would be a great help!


Does anyone have extreamly cheep Breyer Bodies out there to sell. HELP! No broken legs or ears though I can't fix those unless you have the broken pieces . thankies ML

breyer collection for sale here are numb

here is a list of the models I have for sale...please email me w/ intrests !! horses w/ boxes: 3000-black stallion and alec set , M 445-John Henry M 495-Gem Twist M 705099-eagle and pow wow set M 866-Starlight M 700594-Commet M 818-saddlebred weanling numbered and signed by P.Stone dated M 832-hyskos m 460-Khemosabi signed and dated by P. stone M 854-Memphis Storm M 499-aqha king M 490-Boyla M 721-AQHA GO MAN GO m 716-Blackberry frost M 641-Blue roan q.h. M 879-Rumbling thunder M 455-Roy M Sets w/ boxes 3045-classic QH family all 3 M 3346-Hanorverian family all 3 M 3056-Desert Arab.


I am sellling my entire Breyer collection of 80+ Breyers. I have many SR,CE,LE, JAH/JC Penny/Sears/QVC Specials, as well as some stone horses and Hartlands. Most models from 80's and 90's, none older than 1999. ALL OFFERS CONSIDERED! TOTAL COLLECTION MUST GO BY MAY 1, 2003!!!! E-mail me at for a sales list or e-mail me your want list! Sarah St. Louis MO

4 sale

#53 1962-1971 commander five gaiter Glossy Palomino white mane& tail bald face stockings pink hooves red on yellow ribbons need to sell perfect* shape!!


I got a Skullduggery! Does anybody else have one? I like mine, but his red eyes are a little scary! :) I'm considering maybe selling it- not now, maybe later. what would be a good price to ask? would ebay be a better option?