December 2008

Repainting your Breyer Horse

Custom Breyer Horse models are both intricate and popular. Buying a custom horse can be a pricey proposition, and many crafty Breyer Horse owners are interested in doing their own customizations. After all, even the pros had to start somewhere, right? There are a number of articles online on how to customize your Breyer Horse. The easiest place to start is with a new paint job. Repainting a Breyer Horse is a fairly straightforward proposition.

Repairing Breyer Horses: Fixing Broken Legs

Breyer horses are considerably more lucky than real horses in the case of broken legs. (Although this is a debatable point. For one thing, a real horse's leg is unlikely to break OFF. For another thing, real horses aren't as prone to broken legs from falling off shelves or being dropped.) While we all know what cowboys do to horses with broken legs, a Breyer horse's broken leg can simply be glued back on. The first task, of course, is to find the other piece of the leg. This can be tricky, since the broken bits can be vacuumed up unnoticed, or skitter under the couch.

collection of 400 breyers for sale give or take a few...Im haing trouble parting w/ them :(

sadley I have to sell a good 1/2 of my collection wich I started in 1983... there are a good 800 models I have .... so I cant really tell you what I have ... if you are looking for something specific.. let me know.. if you would like to buy the whole lot ... I will go through and price them .. all are in increadible condition... though I dont have all the boxes... email me if intrested Aryn