July 2009

Entire Collection For Sale

Hi Everyone!  I am new here and this looked like a great place to locate collectors interested in expanding their collection.  I am selling my collection of 50+ Breyer horses (Traditional models and almost all have their original box).  I have eight or nine limited editions and some that are harder to find in great condition.  I would like to sell everything together to someone in the Carolinas if that would be at all possible as I imagine shipping this many could get pretty expensive for those out west.  Please find the collection list below.  Thanks!

70           Brahma Bull (the only non-horse Breyer I have)


Cleaning a marker smear off a model

My sister had two of her horses autographed at BreyerFest today and then we placed them into the boxes to dry. When we got them out several hours later, the markers smeared and then a few places got spots on them. We tried cleaning them right away, but we can't ge the marks off. I know one of them was autographed with a sharpie, but the other was a paint pen type marker, I believe. Any suggestions? She's pretty bummed :(

Gray Wolf Stables *NEWS* ( Please read if your interested in the pedigree asighnment)

Gray Wolf Stables has a bran new member. He is like the northern lights big and black but with color. Can you guess who this big boy is he is no other than "Black Rainbow" or the northern lights mould. He is in factory mint and has no flaws at all not evan a factory flaw. He will arive next monday. He will be up for stud when he arives. He will only be open to the first three mares. The mares do not have to be a fantesy horses they can be a relistic horse. All i know from the buyer is that he has been kept in his box for 2 years now and comes from a smoke free home and ther does not apear to be any flaws at all. If your intersested please leave a reply and remember breedings are free and do come with a pedigree certificat via e-mail. I do do snail mail but you must pay $4 for s&h. They are nice certificets. Get your mares booked now before there is no space left.

Thank you

Gray Wolf Stables

Gray wolf stables

Gray wolf stables is now offering a huge variety of dogs,bulls, and horses to help inprove your farms animals. Please remember this is for pedigree asighnments and is not like actuall breeding. We also offer many animals for sale or trad as well as i am now offering customizing services. Gray wolf stables is constintaly getting in new animals practicaly every day and so there is a wide varity of colors, shape, and sizes of all are dogs, horses, and bulls. If your interested in any of the following services with one of our animals her on the farm please email me at fruitygal454@yahoo.com. please menchin what your looking for a sire/dam, animals for sale or trad, or customizing. Also please put witch animal catogorie dog, bull, or horse. I hope you get what i mean and please contact me with any questions or if you are confused.

Thank you

Sinserly: Gray Wolf Stables

Selling My Collection

Hi all,

I'm a college student hard - up for cash and I'm looking to sell my collection. I have Traditional, Classic, and Stablemates sized models, but I have no idea where to start selling them. I don't really want to use eBay because of all the fees associated and I don't really know how much my models would go for. Does anybody have any suggestions? Is it ok to post a list here or is that frowned upon?

Thank you!

New Breyer Horse Model Created!

Hold onto your saddles horse fans, because there’s a brand new model of Breyer Horse out, and it’s beautiful! (Click the link to see a photo.)

In honor of the 80th anniversary of The Pony Club this year, Breyer is introducing its newest character—and he’s based on a real, live British pony named Pippin. A 21-year-old Connemara pony, Pippin is a lovely ash color with kind eyes and a wispy mane, sure to make an excellent Breyer model.

Ahote - BreyerFest Tent Special - How much is it worth?

I have one of the 1,000 Ahote models made as a BreyerFest Tent Special several years ago. I like it as a shelf ornament but I'm very short on money and considering selling it. How much is it worth? My model has some minor scratches on it because I got it as a kid and played with it but I think it'd be a great restoration project. Is anyone potentially interested in buying it? If so, make me an offer and I'll consider it.

Thank you,

Maggie jmagdavidson@gmail.com