October 2009

Get Your Breyer Horses Ready for Halloween

Obviously, altering your most prized and precious Breyer horses may not be something you wish to do—especially if they are rare and in good condition. And you certainly wouldn’t want to get anything on any new Breyer horse models that you have recently acquired.

However, if you’ve got some cheap ones—or multiples—around, you might want to decorate them just in time for Halloween (and other holidays!).

You could paint them festive orange and black colors, decorate them with fake blood or other gooey creations, and pose them in horrific scenarios. Take a rider or small doll, for example, and dress it in black—and take off its head! You have an instant homage to Sleepy Hollow.

Go for a scarier version of My Little Ponies by adding a scary emblem on your horse’s flanks. Instead of a heart, rainbow or whatever, try a skull, a bat, or a pumpkin.


Hey everybody!  The following models are wanted by me: #1232 Milton, #710004 Cryptic, #1276 Harmonie, #594 Flash, #300305 Riderless, #474 Seattle Slew, #1270 Afleet Alex, #583 Strapless, #1258 Hobo, #750 Hank, #1253 Salpicado, #1298 Let's go riding Western set, Big chex to cash, the strawberry roan draft mare from the 2009 fun foals event, Cheveyo, and Ruffian Rags to riches.

*looking for breyer**

Hey everybody!  My name is Maggie and I was just wondering if anybody knows someone who has the Breyer #1258 HOBO FOR SALE?  If you or someone else has the rearing buckskin mustang FOR SALE, please feel free to contact me at (502) 243-2161.  I would really like to add this breyer to my collection and am willing to pay a reasonable price for him.  Otherwise I can get him somewhere else if you are not intersted in selling him.  But let me tell you, model horse dealers and people who were selling him on ebay asked $100.00 to $250.00 for him when the picture of him in the box said 'special value, $35.00'!  That's so stupid!  I am not going to pay that much for a model that's only worth about $40.00!  So like I said, feel free to contact me if you or someone else has HOBO FOR SALE.  You can either call me on my home phone above, or my cell which is (270) or (707) 280-7840. 


Hey everybody!  I just got a new breyer model!  He is the bay tobiano rearing horse from the 2007 mustang treasure hunt!  I named him Rio.  He is sooooo pretty too---one of the prettiest on the Silver mold.  I like his face most of all.  He has really detailed eyes.  I have the UPC code too--thinking about collecting all 4!  Well, just wanted to share that.  See ya later!=)

Carrot Cake and Seren

I won the cake topper compition this past year winning 'carrot cake' and the previous year winning the model named 'Seren' and i'm wondering if anyone can tell me their worth. both were won through the contest they do each year, and they both came with Certicates of authenticity, so i imagine they are worth quite a bit, but i'm new to the breyer scene so i would love to know the actual value. might be thinking of selling them.

id love if someone can let me know!



Looking for Breyer model #1119

Hi there,

Does anybody have the Breyer model :  #1119 Pony Of The Americas  for sale or would consider selling it?

I am in the UK and am not sure if this is a UK site or American but do not mind paying for postage overseas... would prefer UK though obviously!

Not had much luck on finding him on ebay etc. so this being a last hope!

if anybody has any info or owns one of these then please dont hesitate to contact me!

Many Thanks!


email me to : emma_parker08@hotmail.co.uk