December 2009

Breyer Connoisseur Oasis

Oasis is the latest Connoisseur model from Breyer.  It shipped recently, and many fans are reporting having received theirs already.  (Many more report that they are turning theirs right around and shipping them back out again, having re-sold them in the interim.)  Pretty impressive, considering that the shipping happened over the holiday season, and the drawing was just held on December 15th!

Breyer began the Connoisseur series in 2001.  The Connoisseur models are made in special limited runs of only 350 models per run.  Each horse has its number marked on its belly, and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. 

7 Resolutions for Horse Lovers

7. Find That Ever-Elusive Breed

Whether it’s a rare wood grain thoroughbred model or a complementary piece of livestock you simply haven’t been able to find, resolve to find it, whether it means begging or bartering! Post your needs here at Breyer Horse Talk and perhaps you can find someone to purchase from or swap with. You can also try eBay and local antique malls.

6. Modify One of Your Duplicates

Sure, you might be hanging on to your doubles for trade-ins, but why not have some fun with one of them? Customize it with adornments, jewels, costumes, whatever you like. Paint it and give it a whole new look. If you’re artistic, how about making into something truly unique—like a hippie tie-dye horse or a superhero horse?

Christmas Breyer Horses: Nutcracker Prince

Breyer has put out a lot of special seasonal Christmas models in the last few years, including actual model horses, Breyer Christmas tree ornaments, tabletop decorations like snow globes and gifts like the Breyer charm necklaces.

Last week I stopped by the feed store to pick up yet another sack of chicken feed, when I spotted their Breyer display.  They had an entire tree decorated in nothing but small white lights, and Breyer ornaments!  The display was pretty impressive, I can tell you.  Maybe a little overwhelming, but impressive!  

Moving Sale


I am selling my collection due to moving. Most are from 1995-2005. Includes many Collector's, Limited, Commemorative, and Holiday Editions (like the rare Jack Frost).Below is a list of my current models that are offered for sale, in order of year produced. First come, first serve, and first considerations given to those who want the collection as a whole.


470 Arabian Stallion



Collection Stolen

I had a good collection that I'd had since I was five years old stolen from me. The thief took my book on the value of my Breyers and had themselves a field day. The theft was just some of the violation of my primeses I suffered. It really hurt. Now I'm trying to refiind my models. Often the quality isn't as good as what I'd had. Still it feels better to have "recovered" some. I am looking especially for the white buffalo. I think the thief may have been the Soux Indian "kid" that helped me move in.''


50th Anniversary Gold Pinto Family Arabian Stallion (FAS)

As of December 1st, 2009, Breyer is selling a limited edition to commemorate the 50th anniversary of "FAS" (better known to non-collectors as "Family Arabian Stallion") one of the most recognizable and beloved Breyer models.  The 50th anniversary special Family Arabian Stallion is a high gloss tobiano pinto, with gold decorator over white.  He also has a "Happy 50th Anniversary" stamp on his belly, just above the Breyer logo.

Alarmingly, this model will not ship until December 14th, and Breyer cannot guarantee that it will arrive by Christmas.  I guess they must have chosen that date to coincide with the exact anniversary date, but it seems a little short sighted!  This seems like it would have been a natural holiday special, since I imagine a large percentage of Breyer horses are sold as Christmas presents.