January 2010

Breyer Sherman Morgan Model

Also featured in the latest Just About Horses (JAH) magazine was a retrospective of Sherman Morgan, "beloved representative of the breed," and star of Breyer's line.  Sherman Morgan is one of the more popular Breyer molds.  It was originally created in 1987 by Jeanne Mellin Herrick, and has been used as many different models since.  

This is one of the molds which has been used for a lot of the "fantasy" variations, including a special model Carpe Diem, "The Dawn of First Light," which was produced in 2000 to celebrate the millennium.  Carpe Diem is "metallic gold fading to sky blue, with metallic flaxen mane and tail."  Which is… I'll just say "an eye-catching color combination" and leave it at that.

Breyer Connoisseur Model Alvaro

The most recent issue of Breyer's Just About Horses (JAH) magazine featured the first Connoisseur model of the decade: Alvaro, a "sooty buckskin with sabino markings and a bi-colored tail."  As with all Connoisseur models, Alvaro is a limited edition - only 350 will be made - and his piece number will be marked on his hoof.

Alvaro is based on the old model Diablo, which was a semi-rearing mustang originally designed by Chris Hess in 1961.  Diablo is one of Breyer's most used molds, and has been in almost continuous service since it was first created.  The mold produced the popular Bucephalus, and was also used for San Domingo the Medicine Hat Stallion.

Breyer Esprit 2010 Equestrian Games Model

Breyer's newest Traditional model, Esprit, is scheduled to be released next month.  Esprit is a special new mold, created for the 2010 Equestrian Games, which Breyer is sponsoring as the "Official Model Horse of the 2010 Games."

Esprit is a new mold for 2010, created by Kathleen Moody.  This beautiful windswept dapple gray horse (breed unknown) also graced the cover of the most recent issue of Just About Horses (JAH), Breyer's model horse magazine.

Esprit is a lovely mold, although it looks like it might be a bit "tippy" in real life.  Collectors, have your Blu-Tak at the ready!  I'm not so sure about the realism of the tucked head posture in conjunction with the extended front leg, but it is undeniably beautiful.  Let's call this one "sculpture" and leave aside the realism.

Rachel Alexandra Breyer Model Announced

Rachel Alexandra, the racehorse voted "Horse of the Year" at the Thoroughbred Racing Association's Eclipse Awards earlier this week, has been announced as the latest choice for a Breyer "portrait model."  Rachel Alexandra narrowly beat out Zenyatta for the Horse of the Year award, 130 votes to 99, which marks the first time that two female racehorses were finalists for the award.

2009 was an amazing year for female race horses, with both Rachel Alexandra and Zenyatta finishing out the year with perfect winning records.  Rachel Alexandra won all eight of the races she participated in, beating out stallions in several high stakes races including the Preakness, Haskell, and Woodward Stakes.  In fact, she was the first filly to win the Preakness in the 85 years since Nellie Morse won in 1924.

Breyer Horse collection mostly from the 80's and older, for sale

HI I have a collection of roughly 100 breyer horses.  most of them are form the 80's but a few formt he early 90's and the rest are older.  We are wanting to adopt again, we have one little girl from Guatemala.  Due to the expense of adopting I want to sell my collection to help with the costs.  I have about half of them identified if anyone is intersted.

black foundation stallion no64 mint

action american busckskin stock horse foal no225 mint

american buckskin stock horse mare no222 mint

american mustang buckskin no118 with box mint

american paint horse foal no 231 mint

american paint horse stallion mint

american quarter horse stallion buckskin no226 mint

american saddlebred five gaiter dapple grey no109 with box mint

appaloosa no66 mint

appaloosa stock horse stallion no 232 tiny spot otherwise mint with box

Breyerfest 2010 Celebration Model "All Glory"

The latest issue of Breyer's newsletter Just About Horses (or "JAH" as it's more commonly owned) is circulating, along with information about Breyerfest 2010.  This year's Breyerfest has a "Hollywood" theme, including the models chosen to be spotlighted (spotlitten?) during the event.

The Breyerfest model which is seeing the biggest buzz is the American Saddlebred horse All Glory.  All Glory is a spectacular horse in his own right.  The bay gelding has won several competitions including Amateur Roadster Under Saddle Class and the Ladies Amateur Roadster to Bike at the World's Championship Horse Show Winners.

What Breyer Horses are these?


I have 3 Breyer horses that were given to me a about a year ago.I've searched through everything to find what ones they were with out anyluck.If you could please help me in finding out what ones they are(NOT what mold they are but the actual name,breed etc) that would be great.THANKS

Breyer Number 1:








Hey everybody!!!  I work at Breyer Animal Creations and am the first to get the one and only Breyerfest 2010 special run TINSLETOWN!!  I was alowed to buy him straight from the factory!!  He is a georgous buckskin on the lonesome glory mold.  He is definitly LSQ.  He has no box of corse but he is a beauty!  He's not for sale though.  Just wanted to share the good news.   Bye!!!!!

JCPenney Breyer Gaited Horse Trio On Sale

I keep an eye out on the retailer specific Breyer models, because these tend to be the ones which slip quietly from the market without anyone noticing (or collecting them).  I recently went looking for some JCPenney Breyer models which seem to be all gone, but I found an interesting trio of horses on sale there, marked down to $59.99 from $99.99.  Not a bad deal at all!