February 2010

Breyer Bonanza Ben Cartwright's "Buck"

The famous and long-running Western television drama turns 25 this year which begs the question, how many Bonanza fans are also out there collecting Breyer horses?  I wonder if this isn't fixing to be one of the less successful crossovers in Breyer history, frankly.

I myself am old enough to have actually watched Bonanza, albeit only in re-runs.  The local television station aired it right after Star Trek (The Original Season, long before we had to qualify it with "TOS" - it was just plain old Star Trek then) every weekday afternoon.  And I do remember watching it half because of the horses (and half because I was too lazy to change the channel).  Oddly enough, this was at the age when my Breyer mania was at its height.   So maybe it isn't the worst choice for a crossover after all!

Breyer 2010 Treasure Hunt Culminates in "Winter"

Breyer's 2010 Treasure Hunt models are a trio of draft horses, one for each of three seasons (Spring, Summer, and Fall).  As a gift for purchasing all three of the Treasure Hunt models, mail your UPC code to Breyer and they will send you a free fourth model, "Winter."

The model collecting community is going collectively gaga over Winter!  

The 2010 Treasure Hunt models use the popular Winter Song mold, a Shire stallion which was created by Kathleen Moody in 2007.  This mold has been re-issued many times since then, and has frequently been used as a special model for events like the BreyerFest Velvet Rope and Tent Special.

Spring: A chestnut, with four white stockings and a big white blaze.
Summer: A classic tobiano pinto.
Fall: A bay, with three white stockings and a white star.

Selling Breyers !

Hi,  Im selling  eight Breyer Horses. Here they are:


Traditional Breyer Templado Stallion ( fantastic condition)

Traditional Seabiscuit (some scratches and a couple hooves worn down)

Traditional Vintage Breyer Diablo #87 Buckskin Mustang ( Great condition besides a couple scratches)

Traditional Breyer Commander Riker

Traditional Big Ben

Traditional Foal Footloose ( Excellent condition)

Traditional Special Run Dapple-Grey Thoroughbred made from Cigar racing horse mold

Also have three Classic Breyers :

GEICO's Breyer Horse "Trophy"

This morning I was alerted to a funny basketball Breyer connection by the Breyer Sightings blog, which tracks sightings of Breyer horses in movies and TV shows.  (They do some great work, by the way, you should totally check them out!)

They reported on the "trophy" which was awarded by the NBA to the inaugural H-O-R-S-E game in Phoenix.  The game was sponsored by GEICO, and the players spelled "GEICO" instead of the traditional "HORSE."  Nevertheless, the NBA kept up the theme by presenting the winner, Oklahoma City Thunder player Kevin Durant, with a Breyer horse "trophy."

Breyer Connoisseur Spot On

The latest Breyer Connoisseur model is Spot On, an appaloosa mare based on the popular Bet Yer Blue Boons mold.  Bet Yer Blue Boons has proven to be incredibly popular with collectors and the "general public" alike, and the buzz is already building for Spot On.  Is this going to be Breyer's first big hit of the decade?

Bet Yer Blue Boons is one of Breyer's newer models, and is really quite lovely all on her own.  One interesting change which Breyer made for Spot On is to give her a braided mane and - if my squinting eye is any judge - a braided tail.  The appaloosa work is as lovely as always, and she apparently has white sclera (eye whites), and striped hooves which don't show up well in the photograph.

Bay Stud Spider

Can anyone help with a memory loss...?  I have a collection from the 80's... and it includes a bay Stud Spider mold.  No white markings.  Everything on the breyer sites shows one with hind socks from a JAH special run.  My mom probably bought it for me from JAH but he has no white....  need help.  Thanks.

Breyer Manco Capac, 2010 Spring Collectors Model

Manco Capac is the 2010 Spring Collectors Choice model.  This is a Peruvian Paso Fino, rendered as "a dark red roan with dark head and legs."  The Collectors Choice line is shaped by Breyer fans - Breyer takes submissions for model suggestions from the public, then allows fans to vote on the models to choose which will go into production.

Manco Capac uses the Peruvian Paso Stallion mold, which was created by Linda York in 2002.  The standard Peruvian Paso model that most of us recognize is a dapple grey stallion, which was in production from 2002 through 2004.  However, this mold has also been used for several BreyerFest special editions over the years, and has proven to be popular.