April 2010

Meet the Herd: Western Horse

In a very real way, Western Horse is "the" Breyer model.  Sculpted by Chris Hess in 1950, Western Horse was commissioned by Woolworth's when they needed a horse for their mantel clock.  The horse was so popular that people started wanting it without that darned clock in the way, and Breyer's fame began.

This horse was given to me as a hand me down, so long ago that I can barely remember it.  I think it came from a coworker of my mother, probably when I was 6 or 7 years old.  Far too young to be responsible for his plastic removable saddle (which was lost almost immediately) or his metal chain reins (which broke off not long after his saddle went missing).  

Meet the Herd: Running Stallion

Did I get this appaloosa Running Stallion at the same time as the Lying Down Foal?  Were they meant to be a set?  They certainly have identical markings.  I remember having had them for ages, but I can't remember where they came from specifically.  

Running Stallion was sculpted by Chris Hess in 1968, a year before he sculpted Lying Down Foal.  Running Stallion came in three flavors during his first release: black appaloosa (like mine), alabaster, and "charcoal."  (Charcoal is the funny color that, as far as I can tell, Breyer invented for horses in the late 1960s.  It's like a black palomino, basically: black body with white mane and tail.)  Alabaster and Charcoal both ended their runs in 1971, but the black appaloosa continued another 10 years to 1981.

Meet the Herd: Lying Down Foal

I had quite a lot of Breyer horses at one point.  Unfortunately over the years most of them ended up being donated to charity or given to friends' kids, due to space constraints, various major moves, and that sort of thing.  What I have left is my "favorite favorites," the horses that I could never bear to part with for sentimental reasons.

Lying Down Foal (I assume the "down" was added to its name so that people wouldn't accuse it of being a liar) is one of the few gender neutral models produced.  Because of the way it's arranged its limbs, no "parts" are obvious.  Nor was it ever identified by Breyer as either a colt or a filly, not that I can tell.

Your Worst Breyer: Pegasus

Continuing the theme from the last post, my second worst Breyer would have to be the poor Pegasus.  The most obvious flaw with Mr. P is that he has no wings.  Only slots in his withers where the wings used to be.  So sad!  

What is a Pegasus without wings?  You could write a whole melancholy poem on the topic, I suspect.

This model began life as the Lipizzan Stallion, sculpted by Chris Hess in 1975.  I see that it has been released as a Pegasus numerous times, and a unicorn as well.  In fact, this mold has apparently spent a lot more time as mythical animals than it ever did in its original form, which was meant to depict the famous dancing stallions.

13 USED Breyer Horses - FREE to Good Home

I have thirteen Breyer horses that were purchased in approximately 1980 - 1982. I played with them as a child so they have varying degrees of wear and rubs. Only one is actually broken...a unicorn whose horn has partially broken off. They are dusty and have been packed away for years.

I will give them to someone who would love them for FREE - you just have to pay whatever it would cost to ship them. (I live in the Orlando, FL area.) I was going to donate them to a local thrift store, but would rather see them go to someone who would actually appreciate them. 

Please email me if you are interested. I will have photos available tomorrow.


- Sara

Your Worst Breyer: My Grazing Mare

I ran across a thread on the Model Horse Blab forum, asking people to show off their Breyer model that's in the worst shape.  That's a tough call for me, since all of my Breyer models are former "carpet herd" models, having been played with and adored half to death when I was just a sprout.  (I don't buy Breyers now; I'm strictly a Breyer voyeur as an adult.)

One of the best candidates for my "worst Breyer" is the three legged Grazing Mare.  This is one of a small handful of models that were passed to me through a friend of my mother who was clearing up her "clutter" back when I was a little girl.  She had loved her Breyers just as much as any other kid, so they were in pretty bad shape by the time they got to me in the first place!

Breyerfest 2010 Special Runs Announced

Breyer has announced some of the BreyerFest 2010 special runs on their blog.  Quite an interesting collection!  And I love how they have coordinated the names of the models to match their "Hollywood" theme for this year.  Click the pictures below to see larger versions.

711111 Stage Mom and Child Star
This is a lovely mare and foal set.  It's hard to tell from their photograph, but I think these might be using the Stock Horse Mare and Action Stock Horse Foal molds.  (Update: these are Giselle and Gilen.)  I love the gray dapples and shading on the mare, and the black foal has some nice stockings.


"Big Lex" The Blue Horse of Lexington, KY

Via Breyer History Diva comes this mind-bending collection of blue horse-itude.  As you probably already know, Lexington Kentucky is hosting the World Equestrian Games this year.  The World Equestrian Games are big news in Breyer world.  Breyer is one of the main sponsors of the games, and has released a flurry of World Equestrian Games-related merchandise and models.  The best of these is Esprit, who is Breyer's mascot for the games.