September 2010

Breyer WEG Limited Edition Portrait Models

Model Horse BLAB forum user spookhorse01 has posted information about the limited edition portrait models which Breyer is creating just for the World Equestrian Games (WEG) in Kentucky.  Some really nice models on this list!

Gold Raven, a gray version of Oasis (the Make A Wish mold with raised head and tail).
This eight year old Arabian mare is an endurance racing champ, who recently won the test event for the World Equestrian Games under unusual weather conditions that made the race so difficult that officials cut it short - from 100 miles to "only" 75!

Collecting Vs Hoarding: Where's The Line?

I think just about every collectible community has been rocked by the recent spate of shows about hoarding.  

The Breyer community has been quietly abuzz about an episode of TLC's show Hoarding: Buried Alive that features a Breyer collector (Season 2 episode 3, "Prison of Garbage"). 

One could argue that even one Breyer model is more than you need, given that they serve no "useful" purpose.  But where is the line, really?  

Breyer Model horse halters and accessories

Hello all!

I am selling a ton of custom breyer horse bridles, Halters, martigales, and accessories.  Please let me know if you are interested. As i am saving toward either leasing a horse, or breyerfest 2011, I have not decided which one yet,

All accessories are made by me.

I can make custom ones.

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Thank you so much for reading!

Summer Love Breyer Special Run

This pretty fellow was offered up in a super limited edition, and sold out within about an hour.  Breyer called him "a beautiful reminder of the summer of 2010," which is as fitting an end to summer as anything!  Sad to think that summer has finally come to an end, but I'm afraid it's true.

Summer Love is a red dun pinto, using the Make A Wish mold which was created by Kathleen Moody in 2009.  According to the Identify Your Breyer website, so far Make A Wish has been used only twice before: as a BreyerFest tent special palomino in 2009 (only 1,350 made), and as a BreyerFest Live Auction special in dapple gray (only 1 made).