December 2010

Breyer Diamond Jubilee and Alpine

Two sparkly silver models have been released recently, Diamond Jubilee and Alpine.  Diamond Jubilee was released in October 2010, in a run limited to 2,010 pieces.  (Get it?)  Diamond Jubilee is a celebration of Breyer's 60th anniversary. 

The 60th anniversary gift has traditionally been diamonds, particularly after Queen Victoria celebrated her 60th wedding anniversary with the Diamond Jubilee celebration of 1897. 

Breyer kind of turns the tradition on its head, by presenting a model which has been decorated with diamond dust.  Actual diamond dust, as far as I have been able to ascertain.

Inexpensive used

i am looking for INEXPENSIVE used breyers for part of my daughter's birthday party. the kids will be customizing so the horses can be scuffed have limbs that have been reattached. they do need to have all limbs but a chipped ear or minor chip on tail would still be fine. please please let me know if you can help!!!