January 2011

New BreyerFest 2011 Models Announced

Breyer has made the first earliest announcement of the new models for 2011 BreyerFest. Currently the announcement page is password-protected (if anyone's got the password, they're not telling… I'm tempted to wget it all, but I shall be polite and sit on my hands and wait). But one crafty person has assembled the pictures and names into a YouTube video.

This year's BreyerFest theme was "Fairy Tales," so I was prepared for the worst when I clicked to watch this video. But I was pleasantly surprised. The only even remotely "pretty pink princess" model is the unicorn Aurora, and even she is surprisingly tasteful, given the possibilities.

Collection of around 20 Breyer models for sale


I have the following Breyers for sale. Pictures are available. 

All models have been removed from the boxes and lightly used or displayed.

Please contact me on cyrus1028@gmail.com for further information on what sort of shape the model is in (some have minor scratches or are missing an ear tip) or for pictures.



#855 - Little Chaparral Breyer Show Special 1993 - SIGNED BY PETER STONE - comes w/ original box and certificate of authenticity

#495 - Gem Twist Champion Showjumper by Kathleen Moody (variation 2) - w/ original box

#3056 - Classic Desert Arabian Family

#470 - Misty's Twilight by Jeanne Mellin Herrick - w/ original box

#3345 - King of the Wind box set - comes w/ 3 models (Black Beauty, Black Stallion & Duchess) and original box

#465 - Roemer

#899 - Greystreak 

#873 - Ara-Appaloosa Mare - w/ original box