February 2011

Paradise Horse Western Rider (Charlotte) - $7.99

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Amazon is offering Paradise Horse Western Rider - Charlotte, for only $7.99 with FREE shipping if you spend over $25 or have Amazon Prime. Check it out!

Hello, I'm Charlotte. I grew up in the heart of Texas. I began riding horses early and have always enjoyed roping and working cows. I am a World Reigning Champion - and find it exhilarating when we line up against the arena wall and are waiting to be introduced for a class. I can always distinguish myself in western classes with the intricate patterns, extended jogs, lead changes, and various turns.


Andalusians At BreyerFest

Two of the three confirmed horse guests at BreyerFest this year will be Pura Raza Espanola (PRE) horses, a breed better known to most people as the Andalusian.

The first Andalusian is Pecos, a gray stallion who is a direct descendent of the famous Legionario. Pecos is a show horse who performs the Spanish Garrocha (a Spanish ballet between horse and rider around a pole), and a dressage champion.

Pecos is also the 2011 Celebration Horse, with a beautiful portrait model using last year's break-out mold, Esprit. Pecos' mold features dappling, gray shading, and charcoal points, as well as painted chestnuts and what seems to be a pearlescent sheen.

Amazon: Saddle Club Mini Whinnies 3 Horse Set - $4.58

Free Shipping on $25 or more or with Prime

Amazon is offering this Saddle Club Mini Whinnies 3 Horse Set for only $4.58 with FREE shipping when you spend $25 or more or if you have an Amazon Prime account. This could make an excellent addition to any collection! Check it out!

The Saddle Club Mini Whinnies 3-Horse Set includes Prancer, Starlight and Belle in Mini Whinnies. 1:64 scale


Breyer "Be Mine" Web Special

I have to say, I was very skeptical when I saw the subject line in my Gmail account. A Valentine's Day-themed Breyer? Euw, that just takes me to so many places, all of them sickly sweet. I'm already on edge this year waiting for new models, with that "Fairy Tales" theme threatening to devolve into "Pretty Pink Princess" at any minute.

Luckily my fears were largely unfounded. THIS TIME.

"Cupid's arrow strikes home with Be Mine (#712043)! This Arabian stallion is decorated in matte red roan with two hind white socks, a flurry of hearts scattered across his flanks and heart-shaped star. Limited to 150 pieces."

"Be Mine" is a red roan version of Huckleberry Bey*, with heart-shaped spots on his flank and a heart-shaped star on his forehead. Touche, Breyer. The red roan is almost a tongue-in-cheek choice for a "pink horse." One wonders if there was a staff meeting where half the attendees wanted a normal colored horse (like Stone's Valentine's Day Arabian stallion with heart-shaped spots, "Spots I Love"), and half wanted a cupcake pink horse, and they all decided to meet in the middle and go with a red roan.