April 2011

Autographed Poker Joe

About two years ago, at the Penn National Horse Show, I got my Breyer Poker Joe signed by Tommie Turvey. It's new in box, besides being opened to be signed. I don't want to sell him just yet, but I was thinking about when I go to college to sell a few of my collection some extra money. Can anyone give me an estimate how much much they think it's worth? 


Esprit as a Stablemate(?)

When my younger siblings went into a local breyer retail, they said there was an Esprit stablemate. They said he was the exact same model, but just a light light grey without the dapples. As I didn't go in, I'm not certain this is true, but I don't have any suspicion of my younger siblings lying. Just wanted to let you know, there may be a new and perhaps rare stablemate around of the Esprit mold. Thanks!