May 2011

breyer sellers

I'm sorry I'm not trying to run any of you guys out of buyers but I found a place that sells breyers cheap. They aren't the very old valluables I  don't think. You have probably already heard of them Its geddies toys! It's great! I am surprised that the tack is more exspensive. Its probably because its real leather. They have classic traditional and stablemates.


breyer help


I'm new and was wondering if anyone has breyers that are paints and cheap they don't have to be 'show quality'

 I would preffer black and white, I would like it to stand for the stall but if it doesn't

thats ok. I would rather you personaly e-mail me at

and tack would be nice I don't care for a person some are creepy.



Help needed identifying older breyer horse models


When I was a teenager (90's) a neighbor gave me these breyes that she had had as a child. She was in her 40's at the time so I can only guess at how old these guys are! I had the books for the 70's and didn't see them in there, so I am assuming the 60's or before!

If anyone happens to recognize them I would appriciate it since I am considering selling them and would hate to advertise without knowing their proper year and names.

Thank you! And I appologize the pics are a bit blurry!


Breyer Horses For Sale

Hi, Im selling some of my breyers to get money for college :) Most of them came out of the box and went right on a shelf. They are in very good condition and some of them come with their boxes.

Photos can be seen here

if your interested, please email me at

thanks for looking :)

Here's a list


No. 1245 Appaloosa sport Horse, black (Retired) $30

No. 599 Kennebec Count Morgan (Retired) $28

No. 707 Cefnoakpark Bouncer Welsh pony $22

No.1176 Sugar and Spice, running mare and foal (Retired) $25

Sham's Wheat Ear

One of the difficult things about collecting Breyers, for the casual collector, is dating a model. There are very few cases where you can draw a line in the sand and say, "Before this point X, and after this point Y." Minor changes are constantly being made and reversed, models are re-issued, and the same color scheme can be used decades apart.

But the case of Sham's wheat ear is one instance where its absence or presence can give you a solid cut-off point to the date range of the model you're examining.

The real Sham was… well, in a way, there are two "real" Shams. The first is the actual literal horse who lived from 1724 to 1754, and who is considered one of the three stallions who served as the foundation horses of the modern Thoroughbred.

Childhood horses for sale

Hello just cleaning out my storage space and have a few vintage horses from the 80's.  They are all in played with condition, but none of them are broken.  I would prefer to sell them, but if not I will just give them away to friends and family.  The only ones I have that might be worth anything are the following:

Traditional Size:

Black Stallion this one is in very good condition. No Alec

Five Gaiter brown with red ribbon

Legionaro III

Justin Morgan

Western Horse Pinto

Abdullah #817

Old Timer no hat dappled grey

Classic Size:

Black beaty set with four horses

Black stallion set with Johar and another arab horse

Jet Run brown

Might Tango grey

Phar Lap Chestnut color

Stormy the foal

I would gladly send picture to people who are interested.