June 2011


For Sale:

New In Boxes- box corners damaged, horses mint condition

904 "CH Imperator" saddlebred

973 "Marabella" morgan mare

700499 "Jack Frost" Christmas horse

700694 "Ofir-son of Witez II" BREYER BREAKFAST EDITION, signed by Peter Stone

New In Boxes-

750333 Sea Biscuit and War Admiral

471 Ranch Horse Series, Bay quarter horse


wood grain fighting stallion

Steel grey extended trot stallion (competed in numerous shows, always first) very rare horse

laying down red roan foal

Breyer horses for sale updated

Breyer Horses For Sale
are all in great condition
they went from the box to a shelf
I'm trying to sell them to pay for college classes
If your interested or want more info or pics please email me at

List of horses for sale :)


No. 1245 Appaloosa sport Horse, black (Retired) $30

No.1176 Sugar and Spice, running mare and foal (Retired) $30

No. 1325 Color Crazy Buckskin Mare and Foal special Run white variation $40

Need Help Identifying a Five Gaiter

Hi, I'm not very familiar with the Breyer community.. I am trying to sell a few of my mom's old models from the 60's/70's on eBay, and have come across one that I'm having trouble identifying. It appears to be a Five Gaiter as shown here http://www.identifyyourbreyer.com/identify/FiveG.htm Here is the problem: it LOOKS like #52 Commander, but the blue ribbon sticker on it definitely does not say #52.. it says #79.

Breyer Horses for sale

Model #3161 - Proud Mother & Newborn Foal   No Foal.  $20.00

Model #706 - Family Arabian Stallion Not in box $20.00

Model #708 - Family Arabian Foal $20.00

Model #465 - 'Roemer' In Box  $20.00

Model #821 - 'Rocky' In a slightly damaged box, the horse is perfect.  $20.00

Model #256 - 'Lula' In Box  $20.00