July 2011

GIVING AWAY- Breyer Horse supplies in St Louis, MO

I used to customize model horses and have two bins of books,  tools, Rio Rondo supplies, mohair for manes and tails, some remake horses,

misc. We are moving cross country and only have two weeks .  It's too good to dispose of, but don't have time to use ebay.   Someone

Can have all! call 314-722-3415  or 314-686-8370  or email: wynnshanks@gmail.com


Model horse customiser in St Louis- Giving away everthing!

Hi,   I used to customise Breyer Horses but we are moving cross country and can't take.  I have oodles of remakes, Books,  tools, Rio Rondo supplies, will give the lot to someone who can pick them up in the next week and a half.  I just CAN'T throw it all out.  It's too good of stuff, but very limited on who would want it. No time to ebay things. It's about three plastic bins.....worth the trip to pick up if you're into model horses.  Call: 314-722-3415   or cell:  314-686-8370.


Mystery Horse for good cause.

Hello, I have 2 breyer horses (1 has a broken leg - fighting mustang) the other I have been trying to I.D. I am highly considering selling her to try and raise money because my dog of 12 years died suddenly on Saturday and I need funds to buy a befitting urn. This mystery Breyer I recieved as a young girl (around 1990) and got it from my aunt who said the horse was "very old".  I have determined my horse is a Grazing Mare mold, but that's as far as I can find.  The horse is shades of matte gray, with white stockings and it seems like her mane and tail are off-white or perhaps un-painted.

History of Breyer Breeds

Please, I'm interested in finding the family tree for Milton, the retired show jumper from Warwickshire, England. Will anyone help me with this endeavor ? Thank you for your time in this matter. Time is so crucial for me now... And it's personal. Sincerely yours, Brenda B.



need help identifying

I have a breyers grazing mare that I was given as a small child. I was told it was very old so always took care of it. Only problem is, I can't find anything about its color. It is gray with cream legs, mane and tail. It has a similar color to some "Test Run" horses of other poses.

Any help would be appreciated , TY


Breyer horses alidor and elidor for sale

They are in mint conditon and are $38, price includes shipping

rare vintage unicorn mare and foal set realy needs a new home!!! :)

price has been reduced because I really need to sell these guys
I'm going to college in the fall and I need the money

pictures here:    http://www.flickr.com/photos/ilovebreyerhorses825/

I will only ship after recieving payment

Suscesion and Le Fire URGENT!!!!

Hi, I have wanted the breyer Suscesion and Le Fire set ever since I started collecting Breyer horses!!!! I will take the color crazy set with white or with no white or the regular set ( Gray/White Suscesion and Brown Le Fire ). I will NOT accept customs or bodies!! PLEASE ANSWER! I NEED THESE HORSES VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY BADLY!!!!!



PLZ e-mail: weatherford.meghan@gmail.com