September 2011

Large Old Breyer - has white sadldle and neck chain halter??

Does anyone know aout this horse?  He is heavy yellow plastic (not yellowed by age).  He stands upright with white on legs and leg shoes are greay.  The head harnesss is a gold chain that goes from his ears to mouth and encircles the white plastic saddle he wears.  He also very small brass dots on his neck.  Hi tell is a thick matching yelowing orange with hair indentataion.  His ears are upright with inner ears a gold coloring (along with his nostrils). 

Should i make a breyer tour?

hello, i have quite a few awesome breyer and dolls-and barns- and tack and LOTS of breyer stuff. i would of posted it on youtube but my mom dosent like youtube at the only place would probly be Godtube....i know alot of yalls arent religious and thats totally fine i respect that...but i really love making breyer movies and funny breyer videos. would you watch them? should i make them? and post them? i dont know..... I dont get on this alot this breyer i will try to answer though.... and post if i am going to or not just plz vote. say yes-or no.

Help me find this Breyer

Hi there. I am looking for a Breyer that I have actually never seen before. When I was younger, the horse I learned to ride on was a model for Breyer. His owner told me he modeled twice for Breyer and there are two Breyers of him. The horse's real name is Conclusion Two Jack. He is a palomino gelding with two white socks on his hind legs and a white stripe down his face. He is a Quarter Horse. I own one of the Breyers of him, which is the palomino Fight Stallion called Clue II. I am looking for the other one that his owner told me about.

Vintage collection for sale

I am selling my Breyer horses. I started collecting in the late 60s and have loved them ever since. I recently opened an antique booth in a local emporium and began pulling out my ponies and researching them. I will have them for sale at the store, but thought I would offer them here as well. I would love them to go to someone who will appreciate them as much as I have througout the years. I just find myself with a child in college and some medical bills in powerful need of paying so it is time to pass the ponies along. Some are "'well loved", some broken, some mint.

Laurie Jo Jensen "vintage" repaint for sale

Laurie Jo Jensen Repaint of Traditional Black Beauty #89  in metalic buckskin Signed and dated 1988.  In excellent to fine condition need tiny touch up on hooves Is LSQ  I'm Original owner and showed him as an Austrailan Stock Horse.  $200.00 or best offer

Australian Stock Saddle by master saddler Maggie Messer Fits above horse $125.00 shipping included

For Sale

I have a nice Milton #1231 that needs a home I'm asking  $25.00 plus postage in Excellent condition with painted horse shoes

Original John Henry # 445 in Good to Excellent condition small rubs on hooves and needs cleaning $15.00 plus postage

3 stablemates body quality #2 G2 Andulsians and #1  G2 Paseo Fino   $10.00 plus postage

Laurie Jo Jensen Repaint of Traditional Black Beauty #89  in metalic buckskin Signed and dated 1988.  In excellent to fine condition need tiny touch up on hooves Is LSQ  I'm Original owner and showed him as an Austrailan Stock Horse.

#52 Five Gaiter question

I have a collection of Breyers I started back in the early 90's for the kids who are now grown up and I was trying to figure out details to sell them, I have most of them figured out, but I have one that matches the picture of the 52 five gaiter commander  sorrel, but the blue ribbon on it's side says " Breyer collection #52 Five Faiter"   It has the Breyer logo on the inside of back leg like others.   I can not find anything  with the name Faiter on it. I have pictures if it helps anyone.

Wanted: Breyer Horses!

Hi, I'm Cloudtail101, and I have a few horses that I really want! If you have them, name your price, and I hope it's reasonable.


Northern Lights: awesome condition


Cloud's Legacy Set: awesome condition


Cigar Mold: awesome condition.



The first person to send me one, I'll throw in a really awesomely taken care of breyer, for FREE!

LARGE Breyer Collection for sale, make me an offer!

You've heard it before...kid sells Breyer collection after kid has grown up and goes off to college *sigh*. So here it is. I can provide detailed pictures of  any of the models, I am listing these models in two main groups, basically the group I want to sell and the group that I am going to have a harder time parting with, but I will do so if the price is right. Most of these models are from 1994-1999 range, and includes several very rare models as well as limited and commemorative editions. I can provide commemorative edition numbers and pictures of autographs on request.