October 2011

Looking for a Breyer horse....

Hello all!! My step-daughter has requested the 2010 Treasure Hunt horses for Christmas this year. I have been able to find all but one, which is #1418 (Spring). I have looked everywhere and I can't find it. I have emailed several places and no one has it in stock. I am seriously bummed :( Does anyone have any other tips or sites for me to go check?


Thank you so much :0)


Breyer West

I can't go to breyer fest at the kentucky horse park - But I wait until October and go to Breyer  West in San Francisco (at the Cow Palace in Daily City). It's held in conjuntion  with the Grand National Horse and Stock Show/ Rodeo. This is the west coast biggest and oldest horse show . I've been told it less crazy than Breyerfest. Lots of stuff to see and do. This year it was Oct 14 & 15 and this coming weekend Oct 21 & 22

I can't go this year 'cause I'm at a dog show instead

Just a idea for us west coast folks

Large Breyer Horse Collection For Sale

I have a large collection of Breyer Horses from the Early 90's for sale. I have boxes for a lot of them. I am unsure about what the interest will be so if you would like more information please let me know Id be happy to hammer out all the details. I have about 80-90 horses. Make me an offer! Will sell seperatly or in groups or all together.

Here is an example of what I have available

Rugged Lark

Man o war


Ichilay Indian Ponies

Clayton Quarter Horse

Two Bits Glossy 1950's

Glossy Race Horse 1950's

Mistys Twilight

Breyer Favorites: Two Stall Wood Barn

One of my favorite accessories for my collection of Breyer Horses is the Two Stall Wood Barn. The Two Stall Wood Barn provides a home for my favorite ponies and helps set the scene for my imaginative equestrian adventures. Recently, I have been thinking about painting (or staining) the barn but I am not sure if this will make it look tacky. Does anyone here have any experience in modifying the Two Stall Wood Barn? If so, what did you use to make it look authentic? I guess I am worried that I will have a bunch of beautiful realistic horses with a cartoon-ish barn which would really take away from the fantasy. Any help would be appreciated!

LSQ John Henry For Sale

 I have a LSQ near mint John Henry for sale. 

I won't call him mint- to be honest- because I touched up several infentesimal rubs on the edges on his hooves .                                

He is a rich mahogany bay with nice shading and a mealy muzzle. 

He's been shown as a pack horse, trail, western pleasure, and lead line.

I'm asking $15.00 + $8.00 Postage + and $1.80 insurance.

All take Pay pal and Postal Money orders


 Respond ASAP as he is first come first serve



Looking for Touch Of Class models

Hi! I am looking for the Breyer Touch Of Class mold original finish - ANY OF THEM......877 Guinevere, 952 Rox Dene, 701696 Century Finale, 1240 Sonador, 843Selle Francais, 1126 Miss Resistance Free or TB mare and ESPECIALLY the JC Penny 711197 Three Piece Horse Set which includes a gray version. 

Also, I am looking for a mint John Henry.

Thank You! If anyone has any of these models above that they are looking to re-home...PLEASE contact me!