December 2011

Painting a Breyer

So for Christmas I got a Breyer Dream Horse paint kit, but I'm having dificulty making up my mind what I want to paint them as.

Should I go with something flashy like a pinto or appaloosa?  Or something more simple like a bay, chestnut, or even black beauty?

They are arabesque type models, I have no interest at the moment in remolding them or doing anything besides painting them.

I have several horrse "characters" so to speak and have thought of painting them to look like two of those, but then the choice of which "character" comes up.

Breyer Race being held soon!

I am posting this for any collectors who are also interested in showing or racing their Breyers. Also for those who enjoy creating "pedigrees" for them. I am holding a Breyer derby via YouTube and I want to invite everyone looking to show to enter this "race". Prizes are being donated for this show, so if you would like to donate a prize, please contact me. There is no entry fee, but we are selective about who can enter and who cannot. This is the first annual running of this Breyer race. It is called Equuleus Breyer Derby.

Packing Tips for Shipping Breyer Horses

Picking, Packing, and Wrapping!

Last week, we talked about shipping times for those of us selling Breyer horses for the holiday season. This week, let's take a look at how to pack those precious horse models for shipping. After all, the last thing you want is for someone to open their much-anticipated shipment, only to find a chipped ear or broken leg. While we all know that Breyers can certainly take a beating, they are by no means indestructible.

Tips for Picking a Box

Don't just grab any old box out of the closet. Likewise, don't just assume that any cardboard box you buy is sturdy enough. You'll want to find a box that is solid, with rigid corners. Make sure the box has plenty of room for packing material to pad your horse's journey. Once packed, the model should have no room to shift or move, with plenty of padding between the model and box edges. If the corners of the box are not reinforced, be sure to add extra packing in the corners, as these are the biggest culprits for causing breakage.

Tack Making Info

Hello! I'm a newbie- 1st post. I am interested in making holiday tack for the treaditional Breyer models (why should just the Holiday issues have all the accolades?) Is there a site/book/resource that has suggestions for making miniature tack?

2 Traditionals I Don't Want Anymore

I have two traditional Breyers that I have been trying to get rid of for some time now. They are O' Leary's Irish Diamond and Kripton Seni II. They just sit on my dresser collecting dust and what ever else they collect. The only time I take them outside to take landscape photos is in the Autumn(Kripton Seni II) and in the winter(O' Leary's Irish Diamond). I can send you photos of them just e-mail me at


hey guys do any of u know where to bye tickets 4 BREYERFEST 2012 and if so how much are they??????????? cause i might be going for my first timeeeeeeee. also what would be a good holtel to stay in,what day should i arive at the hotel ,how much money should i bring,what time should i arive at the park?????????? pleace help!!!!!!!!!!!!