January 2012

breyer show names

hey guys. i need your help for some good breyer show names for shows (i dont go to breyer shows :( but i still like to name them show names and barn names). i dont have any breyers that need names right now but i like to now some names beforehand. i would really appreciate it if it would be a name that has a good barn name too. Thanks!

How are Breyer Models Made?


Do you know how much work goes into a Breyer model horse? Have you ever wondered about the process of making a Breyer model? How do they get all those rich, vivid details into each model? Why doesn’t every model look exactly the same? Well, here are your answers.

Every Breyer model starts with an artist’s rendering. Various artists, either staff or commissioned, sculpt the first rendering of each model. Then, Breyer casts a mold out of a mix of copper and steel. That mold is then injected and dried according to the material used. Breyer uses ceramic, cellulose acetate, or other resins to create each model. There’s no mass production, each model is created one at a time, using the same copper/steel mold.

Breyerfest 2012! Does anyone have any questions?

Hi Everyone! I'm Krista, and BF (Breyerfest) 2012 will be my first year! But I've got practically all of the info collected- on surviving BF, how much many you should bring, the basic ticket info, and more!- I've been researching BF since the time of BF 2011! So the basic facts of BF: The dates are July 20-22. The celebration model is Mariah's Boon!

I was wondering if ANYONE had ANY questions about Breyerfest 2012???? If you do post the question(s) and I will try to respond the fastest I can with the Best answer possible! Thanks!

Breyer Beginnings...#57 Western Horse


What does a mantle clock and the now-defunct Woolworth’s have to do with Breyer horses? If it weren’t for an order to the Breyer Molding Company for a small western-style horse to adorn a mantle clock sold at Woolworth’s in 1950, there would be no Breyer horses today. Known as the #57 Western Horse, the first ever Breyer model horse set the stage for what would become a world-renowned model horse empire.