March 2012

Body Lot for free you pay postage

I have the following Body Lot available:

Western Pony #42    Chestnut brown pinto (missing ear tips and split seams) finish is glossy and in quite good condition for age. Would benifit from restoration

Classic Kelso in Mouse Grey Dun (simple repaint) Paint ruined in storage by heat & bubble wrap. Best case senerio is stripping paint and refinishing.

If I can find them I have 3 stablemates-  2 adaulusians and 1paseo fino all in various stages of priming or stripping. I'll throw these in the box too

If you pay postage I will ship to you at no charge.

New Breyer Custom! =D

Hey everyone, I'm sooo excited! When I raise enough money I am going to be buying a custom dream mare! =)

She's etched, and is only 100 dollars. including shipping. the person made a bunch of her. so she isnt the ONLY one. but plz let me know what you think of her. And if you have any questions just ask! than just ask.

Which Breyer Flavor is Your Favorite?

When it comes to Breyers ice cream, there’s nothing you can choose that would be wrong. Sure, the company isn’t as all-natural as it used to be—unfortunately, they have added corn syrup and Tara gum to their original four basic simple ingredients—but the flavors are still there, and when I choose any ice cream when we’re at the store, it’s always Breyers.

My absolute favorite Breyers flavor is perhaps one of their plainer flavors—but when you do it right, why not go with what works? Their double-churn vanilla is my all-time favorite ice cream (though I’m also a sucker for any citrus sherbet!). Whether I want ice cream or I am in the mood for root beer floats, this is what I buy. The thing is, it’s usually too good to waste on a float so I don’t end up making it—leading me to purchase cheaper, more vanilla-y ice cream brands for that purpose instead.

Collection for sale 70's... - some in boxes some not and some free*

i'm selling  my childhood collection after storing them for 20+ years (but i'm keeping a few).  All offers considered.  I can send pics for interested items but i've tried to acurately list items.  I'm sure i forgot some things so please feel free to write.


Mint in box- never removed

  • 231 Overo Paint – retired - original cardboard box w/ Breyer Catelog, horse is still in bag. $20-$35

    445 John Henry - Famous Race Horse. Dark Bay. Plastic box has some bent edges. $25

    485 Friesian – retired- make offer